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Girls with dreads

6 years ago
175 posts

o damn yea thata wat they sat definitely not true! theres love u just have to b patient and it will probably come to u for sure. wait for him to approach u an ask a question or compliment go on a few dates....there is a dred dating area right on this site too by the way. well dont get discouraged most likely the people that r saying u wont get bf ither r jealous of u for bettering urself or having amazing dreds or they have no experience dating or with dreds lol always ask us here :) ill always b honest with ya hun PEACE B WITH U

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6 years ago
175 posts

u r sooo right confidence o yes u r very supported i c awesome. praise him for it :)lol im sure u do lol

ashley walker
6 years ago
35 posts

I hate that they say that dreads are just a phase. dreads are a journey and the phases of dreads appear within it. I get most of my criticism from my parents, especially my mom, even before my dreads it was constantly "your eyes, your clothes, your weight, blah blah"ignoring it is hard when it's constant but someone is going to love all of you even your dreads. it's the 21st century not all guys are into that 1950's perception of what females should be. I have guys flirt with me in college all the time (well not ALL time but when they do) and usually the conversation starter is about my dreadlocks, usually compliments or asking to touch them. dreads are interesting and unique just like the people who have them.

for those people commenting on the way you choose to look they're really just saying that you're different and that makes them uncomfortable. no one should ever comment on the way other people look thats my mentality unless its a praise or a word of notice. but really just say hey i have dreads this is me and by saying that i'm less attractive makes you less attractive. like psh dreads make guys less attracted to you ..yeah well being an asshole makes people less attracted to them. you can't change the opinions of the people who are criticizing, some people like dreads and some people don't. but you really aught to let them know that comments like that don't help anyone, in fact can lower self esteem, like if they said something like that to the wrong person you never know what could happen, some people can get really offended and put down. I'm glad you're happy though don't sweat the commentary, it's irrelevant to you because you know that you're beautiful and you know that you will find someone who will like all of you for you. :)

Alejandro Sierra
5 years ago
4 posts

To be honest I find girls with dreads to be unbelievably attractive. It's just one of those things that drives me crazy. On that note I've probably had more girls talk to me in the 4 months that I've been working on dreads than I have in my whole life. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

5 years ago
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People find facialsymmetry attractive. Dreads won't detract from this facialsymmetry once tied back, but "maybe" if they are let hang around the face.

DaThrill Helton
5 years ago
48 posts
I'm not a girl but i think dreads are super sexy. however to deal with criticism u should say if a guy is only concerned with ur looks then he don't deserve u and if he would not be interested in dating u or whatever cuz u have them he is not right for u either dreads are beautiful and like u said its YOUR hair ;)
5 years ago
44 posts

I like this guy's response! :) I agree, I think girls with dreads are adorable!! Honestly, the kind of people that are attracted to us are the ones we want to be attracted to us! They appreciate the natural things, and typically aren't into cosmetic nonsense and plastic people. They're the ones who love us for US. I think you're amazing! ;)

James Colby Justice said:

Girls with dreads are drop dead gorgeous!

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