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the spirituality of dreading (regardless of religion or lack of)

Tara C
6 years ago
645 posts

There are definitely people who dread just for looks though. They like the look of them even if they're not accepted, but to those people it's a style. To others, I'd say it's either spiritual to begin with, or superficial at first and then becomes spiritual, at least to an extent. It opens your mind to a lot.

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ashley walker
6 years ago
35 posts

i love this i think everyone interprets how their dreads are connected to their spirituality in many ways. but it's as if we're all united by our roots. In essence, we're all connected. It's lovely. And i love "to dread is to invite discrimination" because it's so true. I think people who wanted dreads just for looks don't really want them "just for looks" because they know that it's a unique style and they know they'll get a few haters for it. I think subconsciously or their hindered down spirit is urging them the get dreads for the experience. because i feel like even if they don't know it yet. their dreads changed them, humbled them, or did something in their lives.

6 years ago
20 posts

This is the truth, I was thinking about this the other day. Locs or Dreadlocks are what I believe one of the most universal things among us as humans because how can you judge when everyones hair would be the same right? This is why I wish everyone had locs. Then a big majority of vanity that is present in this world will be nonexistent.

5 years ago
22 posts

i agree with this 100%. This is why i cover my locs when i leave my home and even around certain family members. i see my locs as antennas to my ancestors and direct link to the Creator. :) Peace & Blessings to you all

5 years ago
9 posts

Thx SE.

Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
173 posts

wonderful post.. u have inspired so many of us SE. thank u.

Rheana Hayes
4 years ago
26 posts

Best post ever.

Shane Northern
4 years ago
59 posts

Very true words.

4 years ago
5 posts
4 years ago
44 posts

When i started it was all about looks, ive see dreads on people and especially when i was a litte kid i saw this guy with dreads to his knees and i always wanted dreads since then.

But when i started the journey something inside me just felt like this were the right way to go, i wasnt believieng in anything. I hated to cut my hair, and i hated to "fix" my hair everytime i were about to go outside the door.

Im too tired to write anymore lol, but this is just the way to go for me. I love dreads, i dont wanna "style" my hair and i get anxiuos everytime i cut it.

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