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the spirituality of dreading (regardless of religion or lack of)

Owl Lady
6 years ago
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Soaring Eagle you have put into words my reasons for dreading. I was called to this...its something thta has been very difficult for me to explain..a change with in myself came first. I am the type of person that does not like conflict or like to stand out and I knew dreads would make me stand out and I did keep that in mind however something much more powerful was calling me to continue. I am a very spiritual person and have been trying to get back to being the natural being God created me to be. Thank you for writing this article ..I will be sharing this on my facebook so friends can read. I have had a lot of questions from people and some friends even are sparked to want to dread their hair as well..but I would only want to guide those into it that are going to take them seriously not as a fashion. They are a life dedication

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Little Wing
6 years ago
41 posts

I loved this post!

Now I understand what to grow dreads really means and by now I learned and it has at least a deep meaning for me this time.

Thanks, Soaring Eagle for writing this. :)

6 years ago
12 posts

My favourite bits are:

There's also a dedication to self, to be true to te self

and I can't find it now, I think it was in one of your comments, but something about how

ultimately the dreads are within.

I would be totally gutted if I had to shave my head or cut my dreads and I wish I'd had the confidence to dread when I first wanted to ten years ago. But if my head was shaved that for me would be the real test of my spirituality - could I still love and feel full, or is my connection to Love and fullness dependent on my hair. The real dreads are within and that can never be taken away. I know this intellectually but in actuality I'd be miserable and so I've got a long way to go. I'm not going to get rid of my dreads, never! But the real dreads are within.

10 months ago
204 posts

With my dreads i grew in spirituality and in (less) expectation. My resilience to life and the struggles had surpassed any life experience up to that point and any source of strength i could conjure. My locs brought a strength and positive source that could not have been expected, for myself anyways, or replicated without authenticity. (Like that peace i can't describe that embraces the family each time a new life comes into our home, when the soul joins the body and is felt by those around it; but that experience only existed in the home births, something is lost in translation when we leave our homes to have our babies- the natural made foreign)

As I combed out my dreads i felt it (my resilience, my peace with leaving well enough alone, my health!!) leaving. Though my hair remained the effects of loose hair are no where near as pronounced and protecting as the energy that came along with my locs. In fact i could argue the loose hair itself, in its vanity naturally, contributed to what I'd refer to as mistakes... lol but that's for another day. I'm grateful my experiences were mostly positive, curious people, especially as they came out over 4 months, most were shocked i didn't have to shave my head, heck i even still had long beautiful looking hair healthier than those around, but I'd lost something! Something so precious, something i couldn't bring back without making the commitment again.

So here i am, allowing the locs to form. Reveling in the new history and experiences my locs collect and inspire. looking forward to the day i feel whole again.

Such a spirited journey, dreads have impacted my life for the better in every way but it also is in awareness of a greater calling, a part of living an authentic and joyful life. A spiritual journey indeed. 

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 months ago
29,420 posts

so beautifully said!

<3 you!

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
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