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Location: Fabens, TX
Zipcode: 79838
Country: US

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Matenme Porque Me Muero

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La Celula Que Explota

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zombie dreads 2 months 1/2
week one
first week


07/04/13 12:33:54AM @dizzy:

Sorry for the late reply, man. And i share your predicament with posting pictures XD We just moved houses and i haven't had internet access until ... well just now. I'll probably continue tomorrow.

07/02/13 11:58:50AM @sussi:

Thanks for the comment! Enjoy your journey, I know I am. :-)

Steven Gilham
06/27/13 08:33:05AM @steven-gilham:

Hi, thanks for the comments, im excited to!

Looks like you dreads are starting nicely. Im looking forward to seeing them progress :-)

the Barrellady
06/27/13 04:03:30AM @the-barrellady:

Well, thank you so much for the compliments, put a smile on my face. There are so many ways to be a recycling artist. My medium is recycling wine barrels, making them into platters, candle holders, coat racks and many other home decor items. Here is my website if you want to check them out.

I have been to art shows where 90percent of the stuff is from recycling.

  • silver plated cutlery jewlerry
  • wind mobiles from driftwood and bits of necklace beads and gems and funky wooden animals she found at garage sales
  • purses from leather
  • necklaces from old pocket watches
  • clothing from bits and pieces of other clothing

a recycling artist just uses their imagination to re-create from found items, used items. People sell on Etsy items they have made from beach glass, Just walk on the beach all collect all the beautiful washed up glass, all polished smooth from the water. I've also seen the most funky candle holders made from drift wood and tree roots, holes just drilled into them for candles. One of the best places to see what would interest you is to look up on the web where there is a hand made market in your area. Those are the crafters who create from recycled objects mostly. You can get an idea of what you might like to create yourself.

Oh yeah, i've seen mobiles made from silver plated tea pots or cups with the cutlery hanging down. The lady sold those for 25 to 40 bucks, depending on the size of item at the top and they were selling like hot cakes.

This is the best job or hobby to have, you are your own boss, you can wear what you want when you work, your absolutely love what you do and you get to meet the coolest people if you sell them at festivals and art shows and hand made markets.

I don't recommend doing what I do, the recycled barrels are expensive to buy form the wineries, it's very heavy oak which requires a trailer when I do shows, lots of sanding and plenty of tools needed, had to get a business loan to start mine.

Try and find something of interest where you can load up a car easliy, not too heavy, and you can find the times for free or really cheap, more profit that way. Garage sales have great finds, especially jewelery to break them apart and ad them into artwork, mobiles, other jewelery etc. Find you calling and you will love it.


the Barrellady
06/27/13 02:04:22AM @the-barrellady:

Hi there, saw you post in Knotty Chat....for an itchy scalp, try a cold head rinse at the end of each washing day, as cold as your head can take...this will help you....peace

Antonio Llamar
06/25/13 06:37:22PM @antonio-llamar:

your very welcome, thanks for accepting me :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/24/13 11:31:26PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome if u only started a few let he rest dread naturaly

06/24/13 11:17:43PM @jazzymomma:

welcome to dreadlockssite PEACE B WITH U ON UR JOURNEY

the Barrellady
06/24/13 11:14:32PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to the community Hazel. Glad you found the best site on the web for all your healthy dread information. The dreaducation section at the top of the site is a great place to start. In the beginning, you should wash 2-3 times a week, hair dreads faster when clean. Just water though will not be enough. You live in an area with very hard water, so you choices of a dread shampoo are very limited. If you use the baking soda wash / acv rinse found on this site, make sure to boil the water first, or buy bottled water (I buy a cooler size jug), to mix your baking soda with due to your water. has the best stuff ever for hard water.

Enjoy your journey, it will be a blast...peace

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
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