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What are you listening to?

angela englund
9 years ago
15 posts
Muse - Darkshines
updated by @angela-englund: 07/22/15 06:14:08AM
9 years ago
26 posts
Ripple by the Grateful dead :D
9 years ago
73 posts
She Talks To Angels by the Black Crowes
9 years ago
11 posts
Im listening too "The thing that should not be" by Metallica
9 years ago
22 posts
Skindred - We Want
9 years ago
80 posts
Opeth - "Windowpane"My perfect chill out song. Don't be fooled by this band though. They can be extremely heavy too.
shaun saunders
9 years ago
64 posts
dragonfly - ziggy marley
Spider Feet
9 years ago
458 posts
Marduk - Throne of ratsA friend got me listening to more black metal again.
9 years ago
115 posts
hell yeah!!! opeth is my shit!!! ive seen them 5 times!! and i absolutely LOVE behemoth!"iron, lion, zion", Mr. Marley
9 years ago
115 posts
hey if you like experimental/grindcore check out my band!!!
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