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shaun saunders

favourite reggae singers / bands

defo anything by bob marley/ the...
@shaun saunders 15 years ago - Comments: 43

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刀漀挀 䈀漀礀猀 ⠀䄀渀搀 吀栀攀 圀椀渀渀攀爀 䤀猀⤀
Gangstarr - Full Clip

Gangstarr - Full Clip

15 years ago - Comments: 0

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liam mclauchlan
09/16/10 08:41:23PM @liam-mclauchlan:
at first bud i'd say once a fortnight as they are very "tender" at first they take a while to settle down lots of frizz and stuff will anoy ya but stick in there my friend . now i was them twice a week full on shampoo wash feels wicked..soaring eagle has got a wicked baking soda wash you may want to try..feel free to hit me up if oyu have any more q's

10/20/09 08:34:29PM @matthew:
Kinda late on the reply back, but they're all natural. They round themselves out I guess. (: I crocheted them like, 4 times all together, until I realized that it's too much work. So, I just let them do whatever they want now.:D

Courtney J
09/12/09 10:09:22PM @courtney-j:
Thanks for the friendship

Charleigh Graham
08/28/09 10:00:42AM @charleigh-graham:
oh okay!! i looove that spiral one! been looking for those too! i think theyll do nicely!

Charleigh Graham
08/28/09 09:57:11AM @charleigh-graham:
hahaha! okie dokie :) its 10am here :D whatta difference! talk to you soon than <333

Charleigh Graham
08/28/09 09:50:12AM @charleigh-graham:
hahaha, sounds good to me, im not picky about what i wear :P hehe

Charleigh Graham
08/28/09 09:44:11AM @charleigh-graham:
Eeiii are they colored? i want them, what would u want in return?

Charleigh Graham
08/28/09 09:38:40AM @charleigh-graham:
is that $10 each earring or $10 a pair?

Charleigh Graham
08/28/09 09:32:59AM @charleigh-graham:
:D aw, yeah those skater places and tattoo shops like to charge up the ass for them :/ what are they made out of? <3

Charleigh Graham
08/28/09 09:26:56AM @charleigh-graham:
what is that in the regular gauge-measurements? would you want to trade for them??

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