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dreadlocks shampoo
liam mclauchlan


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08/23/13 06:52:34PM @sweet:

Yep - how did you get your dreads looking so round, there awsome and the colour too.

Osiris Phoenix
11/19/11 02:47:54PM @osiris-phoenix:
nice locs

BJ Sickboy
04/05/11 03:21:31AM @bj-sickboy:
what's up broo!. freakin awesome locks dude!! i just started a new set of TnR.. i hope mine develop like yours someday =)

10/11/10 11:58:08AM @lindsey:
I really love your dreads if you could tell me your technique and how you keep them so beautiful please let me know.. :) I am in my first week of dreading and have some stray hairs. Thanks :)

Blake Harris
04/19/10 11:59:36PM @blake-harris:
hey im new to the dread journey and saw your post about dreadheadhq wax.. I started using it about a week ago and need your advice

shaun saunders
10/11/09 03:59:36AM @shaun-saunders:
hey man ive got a few questions for ya1) how often did you wash your hair like just putting it under water and stuff before yours got hard2)how can i get mine harder quicker any tips?

shaun saunders
08/28/09 09:19:25AM @shaun-saunders:
i got mine now but there way to short for what you got there like 9 inches

shaun saunders
08/22/09 05:41:53AM @shaun-saunders:
man you have like the exact dreads stlye - width colour everything that i want howd you get urs lookin so round

08/17/09 02:30:20PM @xzanthia:


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/02/09 08:07:51AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome liamwe are just getting things started here so expect alot of changes and improvementsbut feel free to jump on in and add to the discussionsglad ya found us

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