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dreadlocks shampoo
Charleigh Graham


Location: austin
Country: UM


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Electric Mama
05/19/11 11:57:01PM @electric-mama:
I was just thinking about you, and i miss you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lino sanchez
01/05/10 01:44:12AM @lino-sanchez:
soooo im thinking we should be friends :) haha

lino sanchez
01/04/10 07:32:58PM @lino-sanchez:
hi! i freaking love the color of your hair!

01/04/10 06:29:36PM @ourdub:
hey.. sorry. holidays are getting the better of me atm. i will be back in town wednesday the 6th and will grab photo this week.thx 4 patience

shaun saunders
08/28/09 09:56:45AM @shaun-saunders:
i have another 12mm metal one which is silver its pretty good but iam not real sure wher that is right now i paid 10bucks ea for the first 4 which iam soughta regretting nowlol and the other i got free of friends

shaun saunders
08/28/09 09:55:44AM @shaun-saunders:
from left to righ is smallest to largest cant really see the clear one but its about the same length as the red one

shaun saunders
08/28/09 09:55:13AM @shaun-saunders:

shaun saunders
08/28/09 09:49:36AM @shaun-saunders:
i ll post up pics is like 1 in the morning here and iam goin sydney tomorow so i gotta go to sleep

shaun saunders
08/28/09 09:46:05AM @shaun-saunders:
the starter one is red about 2mm and straight the next one up is clear slight curve but when the light hits it just right it turns purple about 4mm the next one from that is black with a white marble through it straight its 6mm and theres a fluro green plug thats 6mm aswell up from that is a curve like a 6 shape glass one blue with clear around the edges its 8mm next one up from that is a straight black one which is 10mm then after thats been in a while you can put this metal plug thing in its 12mm a 14mm plug thingy in the plug shape and thats it lol

shaun saunders
08/28/09 09:41:33AM @shaun-saunders:
lolnah man they were 10 ea lol but i got my ears to like 14 then just had them in for like 4 months then i was like fuck this took em out and left em out but theres none that go together soughta thing

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