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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Buda, TX
Zipcode: 78610
Country: US

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How to stretch your ears PAINLESSLY! (5/8in-3/4in)

How to stretch your ears...

12 years ago - Comments: 4
Hi there! Lests talk again! :D

Hi there! Lests talk again! :D

12 years ago - Comments: 4

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Lets get fucked up! :D


Naja Sage
09/23/10 11:23:50AM @naja-sage:
love those puppies---- that is so kool that you rescue animals---- i saved you a bite of my sandwich---- lol--- Aloha- Naja p style="text-align: left;">

08/24/10 05:23:13PM @aloha:
sick dreads bro, truly an inspiration!also, thanks for the reply on youtube awhile back. I finally got my dreads done!

08/24/10 01:39:19PM @lindsay2:
Hey! I've been following you on YouTube for a while, fancy meeting you here :)

08/24/10 04:05:06AM @neonlocks:
hey just had to say; your awsome. have a good day :) o n dude you should see my pipe. she looks like a spoon with a scoop of icecream on it lol.

Josh Levasseur
08/20/10 08:50:59AM @josh-levasseur:
wats up matt...i been watching your videos sence before i even got my dreads, they helped a lot... your dreads are sick as fuck by the way...... p.s im sorry about braxton dude ifeel for ya, i had to put my dog down a couple mounths ago =[Peace- josh

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/26/10 10:59:52PM @spacemantravis:
aye man i love ur vids and ur dreads dude could u chek mine out i TnRed them 3 days ago and now im tightening them up wit more TnR could u tell me wut u think bout my default pic man id apprecciate it

06/12/10 01:35:09PM @willow:
how did u get ur dreads the way they r now. everyone tells me it takes time. but i wanted to know wat stradegies u used over the months

05/11/10 06:39:52AM @elle:
thanks for accepting :)

04/25/10 11:56:41PM @lowryderman:
Hey, u may want to check out this group I created called Dreadlocked Youtubers. It's for people who use youtube to show off their locs. It would be great to have u in the group.

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