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Location: Quebec
Country: CA

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Jungle Drum

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/24/10 11:58:18AM @soaring-eagle:
why did u comb em out will u grow em again? theres a temporeary bug with adding embed vids i hope yu dread again they suite u so well

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/24/10 03:36:28PM @soaring-eagle:
your an adorable whacko :)

08/08/10 07:38:53PM @jdwood:
bon je ne suis pas le seul Qubcois ici

07/01/10 08:09:56PM @pixie:
:) welcome hunie!

Jahsh Simpler
07/01/10 07:37:15PM @jahsh-simpler:
hey, i know you from youtube! how random :)

06/28/10 12:57:49PM @pixie:
I have now become addicted to your videos. :) haha.

Dirty Momma Funk
06/21/10 04:12:33PM @dirty-momma-funk:
Thank you!

Skyler Hilborn
06/21/10 01:27:22AM @skyler-hilborn:
sweet sweet. they look awesome so keep up with whatever you are/aren't doin lol

06/18/10 04:21:59AM @alden:
Oh thank God, I can't handle knowing if you're dead or not! Really, what a gut wrenching way to end an episode, holy crap! Best wishes you're not a zombie.kthnxbye

06/16/10 11:10:50PM @alden:
OMG YOU CAN'T JUST END WITH A PANIC ATTACK!!!!! How do I know you made it home from the hospital!!!?? I mean, you probably edited and uploaded the video yourself, but zombies have been shown quite capable of mimicking old memories. lol

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