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The meaning of your dreads?

i apoligize if i stray from the...
@Lost 9 years ago - Comments: 24

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Lost art of the beed

Lost art of the beed

9 years ago - Comments: 2

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Charleigh Graham
08/26/09 06:01:49PM @charleigh-graham:
loltotally understandable :)

Charleigh Graham
08/25/09 01:58:02PM @charleigh-graham:
dont the tops of the charms have loops to go around your dread?

Electric Mama
08/24/09 07:56:02PM @electric-mama:
aww thanks!! haha

Electric Mama
08/24/09 06:30:08AM @electric-mama:
captain sparrow

08/23/09 08:41:33PM @bri:
hey man, hows it goin?

08/23/09 03:52:24AM @kath:
Great profile pic! DId you make the beady jewellery things yourself? they rock! How have you attached them?

Electric Mama
08/20/09 05:02:08PM @electric-mama:

Charleigh Graham
08/20/09 03:15:58PM @charleigh-graham:
okayyy, i would want a couple of your hair danglies, with mixed wood n stuff, what would you want in trade? the holes up top would have to be somewhat small :)

Charleigh Graham
08/20/09 03:09:18PM @charleigh-graham:
oh i found it :) lookin nowwww

Charleigh Graham
08/20/09 03:04:44PM @charleigh-graham:
can you send me a linky to your stuff?

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