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kookii's kid

bet a couple of dread beads and guess...
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The Gift

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Come Down (Acoustic)

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12/10/10 04:34:06AM @steph:

Hi! Well done for your forum posts sticking up for the crochet! I have found there is far too much dread bashing on this site, it's horrible, personally mine are crochet, the roots get done and it takes 2 hours every 3 months, but that is all the effort made, i got told how 'awesome' my hair is every day by total strangers. More power to us! And yes you are totally right, people do feel afraid to stick up for their method, it's a bit like, if you try you get the same shit slung at you that you see in every other post demeaning crochet dreads, it just annoys me so much that I try not to read it anymore! People are too quick to jump on the bandwagon and don't explore all the alternative methods that are out there. I see crochet dreads as an expression of self, mine are my art, maybe as are yours to you. Ok, ramble over! But yes, thanks and well done!

Electric Mama
11/08/09 04:32:05PM @electric-mama:
congrats mama! you look stunning!im sorry to hear bout all that, we will have to talk at some point and catch up!so how are ur extentions going for?and how was hallboween and all that?! do u guys celebrate?im kinda sick again, but besides that im doing all righttalk to ya soon!!

10/31/09 08:03:21PM @nikki2:
hey i think ive seen you before? were you on another dreadlock site? i was too but i forgot the passoword lol. where you the one who asked about how to put exentions in?

08/17/09 02:32:31PM @xzanthia:


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Erin Joy Lauzon
08/13/09 04:09:29PM @erin-joy-lauzon:
hey there and thanks:)did my first baking soda soak today with some teatree oil, vitamin e and rosemary oil... was quite nice, think i'll keep doing that or alternate with res free shampoo. i also have been using dreadheadhq shampoo and actually have 2 bottles of it, i think i does work pretty good for when i feel that need to suds upi think i'll just stick with my after wash routine which is to apply locksteady tightening gel and palm roll. if i had the lifestyle freedom to go natural i would but i need to keep these guys looking tight for my job:Pthanks again for the peyote stitch link, havnt tried it yet, but very excited to, maybe tonight:D

Erin Joy Lauzon
08/13/09 03:00:01AM @erin-joy-lauzon:
your eyecolour is incredible, just wanted you to know :)

08/05/09 12:52:28AM @stubbygray:
I'm glad I found this place too, thanks!

08/01/09 08:32:12AM @xzanthia:
hey there, i am new on here, just joined the and well. Looking to make new friends on here.Check out my profile and add me if u like. ;)Comment back. ;)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/30/09 11:19:32PM @soaring-eagle:
hey welcome!ah i know who ya are by where ya live

07/30/09 11:18:10PM @alden:
HIYA!!! Welcomes!!!

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