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Jaxksons girlfriend, Blueberry

By Tiggum Strixx, 2012-09-18
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natural flavour (and color)

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-09-17

prepare to be grossed out

when you read the label on food and see natural flavour and natural color

ever wonder what it might be? well vanila ice cream ..yum right? untill u realize that yummy natural flavour is a beavers anal gland

still hungry?

other natural colors might be ground up bugs ..or worse

heres a nice lil list of a few of the gross things you eat every day without knowing it

why are these things not labked?

why are we forced to eat things that are totaky gross against our knowledge?

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the journey

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-09-17

the journey to any destination takes several steps if it was just the destination that was important then anyone could "climb mount everest" by taking a helicopter to the top, or even just photoshopp9ng their photo there.

the dread journey is no different then the journey to the highest peaks, or even to the stars.

you dont earn the destination by taking shortcuts, or by faking your way there, you earn it step by step through the hardships and trials that make it a dificult destination to reach.

when you reach that peak, near frozen to death, unsure if you will pas out and du=ie from lack of oxygen and decreased bloodflow due to hyper thermia you will know you truly earned the photo you take from the peak

but if you fly on up in a heated helicopter step out to a breathtaking cold and breathtaking view to snap your photo and leave before the cold even settles in to numb your fingers you will remember the view from the top maybe the pleasant conversation with the pilot along the way but you will not have the memories of every step a struggle of the pure willpower it took to take another step and survive ..

and then theres the other guy, proudly (or not so proudly) displaying a photo ..a photoshopped photo of himself in jeans and a t shirt standing at the highest peak unfazed by the cold he never came close to...

perhaps he tells a story to go along with the picture to impress the oposite sex (or should i say preffered) he puts on the appearance of a man whos been there done that but lacks the memory. the experience.. the growth and self determination it took to carry on when others would turn back..

even the view from the top is experienced diferently from each perspective

the t shirt guy is 2 dimensional no awe no mystery , it might as well be as mundane as the brick wall outside his office window where he once saw a squirrel scurry by without leaving any permenant impression

helicopter guy remembers the view as awe inspiring and beautiful but the cold biting at his lungs doesnt let him enjoy it long before snapping his picture as proof hed been there and moving on

now the true climber might be close to death..unsure if he will ever make it back down but tears fill his eyes and freeze onto his cheeks, he falls to his knees taking it all in in a profounde awe that he will never forget for an instant wether he lives or do=ies this momment is the defining momment of his life..worth risking it all in fact if staying another momment means death then he will stay and experience that death too..

days may go by as he memorizes every detail the sun sliding up the slope he had climbed only hours or days ago..the shades and hues of the valeys far below.. the profound isolation of being one of few men whod ever made such a journey..if it wernt for the deadliness of being there hed live there forever..with reluctance and profound regret he begins the painful journey home frozen step by frozen step wondering how many toes would be lost for such exquisite memories..again he realizes if he dies and loses it all that memory still was worth it..

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By Tiggum Strixx, 2012-09-17
So I'm a huge reptile fan/ worked for the Swamp Brothers/Glades Herp for over 6 years. Hoping somebody here is liking the reptiles and wants to talk lizard. I have cresteds, tokays, and a few snakes. I'm going to sleep soon, but since I downloaded the tapatalk app, it's easier to touch base, and I'm liking it.
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Help Dreads and School!!!

By Piawacket neurotic helms, 2012-09-17

A few days ago my three year old told me he wanted his hair like mine. Hearing this made my heart soar. Just thinking about being able to share something so special and natural with my son would be amazing. Later on in the day I shared what my son had told me with my husband, who simply stated that the schools more than likely wouldn't allow him to attend school. With the schools in the U.S. pressing down on how the students hair is to be groomed, cut and styled, down to the color. The realizition hit and makes me sad to think that he may have to wait until he is 18 and completely out of school to even think about dreading. We are not particularily religous with our love for locks, and don't want to submit false pretenses for those that dread for that reason. But are there any ways that he could attend school dreaded?

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Essential oils

By jesse demato, 2012-09-16
Hey everyone. Before anything, I have to say this site is the best. From the creator SE to all the great people on it. I am about two weeks in going the natural method. I know I have a while to go but My question is could someone post a good ratio for lavender tea tree and others? Some of these are expensive and I dont want to waste it by using too much or too little.
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By Alyssa Metzger, 2012-09-16
Why would a wool tam be preferred over a cotton one? Or is it not preferred just what people use? Curious about this one...
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Dye dreads?

By Ivan Slay, 2012-09-16

Hi, Well i would like to dye the tips of some of my dreads to make them looklighter. I was wondering if i can do it now. My dreads are 4 moths and i have dark hair.I dont know if they will damage a lot or what, so that's why i haven't done yet haha. So can i dye them or it's better if i wait a little more?...and i'd like to dye 5 maybe 6 of my dreads not all of them. Thanks

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By Alexandro Colon, 2012-09-16

i just purchased some for the first time and i was wondering if you have a section of hair knotting up and slip the beat in will it help that section of hair lock up quicker? and do you just slip em in?

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By Mama Kat, 2012-09-16

Counted the other other day, I have over 80 dreads/sections...that is all =D

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