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Washing Hair - baby locks

By Alexandro Colon, 2012-09-15

So my original hair is very thin and soft - i started out by twist and ripping last week , i took off the rubber bands two days ago and decided to go natural. i have a bunch of knots everywhere and a bunch of dreads starting to form..Just wanted know what was the best way 2 wash my hair and how many times i should be washing it - just a little scared stuff will start coming undone - i have theneutrogena residue free shampoo...just looking for a few tips and pointers

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By Kyle Smith, 2012-09-14

Hey yall,

Im posting this link so that one dreadie can help another. This is a dude is a true musician not only with his guitar but also with his voice. I found Dreadedchild when I was looking at vids on youtube for ways to start my locs, this guy came up and iv followd ever since. He has a great spirit and an addictive way of expressing his talents. This is what he has to say.

'Hey guys Please, watch my video and help me out with my dream, i have this opportunity that im striving to acheive , and i have crazy support already, but still need for to make it a reality. Please share it and vote everyday if possible :) have a listen and share my link around ! Thanks so much :) '

Lets show our support for our fellow dreadhead and help make his dreams come true.

Thank You

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two week mark!!

By abbey black, 2012-09-14

im pretty excited to be at two weeks, im still having a bit of dandruff but ill be okay. i cant wait for the many months to come with my dreads and my journey with them :D smiles for all of you lovely people

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Wash Number 2. Flat Top.

By Kyle Adams, 2012-09-14
So today I washed my dreads for the second time. After the BSW but before the Vinegar I noticed I hadn't completely rinsed the baking soda and oils out so I stuck my head back under the faucet. After the Vinegar and the towel dry I used a hair dryer to further dry the dreads and my head. After, looking at my head, the top looks very "flat" and non- dreaded. I'm wondering if it just looks smoother because of the Vinegar or hair dryer and will return back to "normal" in the next few days...
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hello -introducing myself

By Manya Maratou, 2012-09-14

Hello everyone

I am Manya, a storyteller and musician. I live just outside a village north of Athens, Greece.

I have long, dry, wavy hair. I have been letting it do its stuff for two or three years now. I've been using hair oil to comb it out every few days, plaiting it for performances and work, rolling a bun to get it out of the way. I woke up one morning and the plait was all felted up..used a comb, oils and hair conditioner and hours of combing to separate the hairs

hours of thinking about what the hair was telling me!

I've been thinking of dreads for a while, but didn't want to do anything potentially damaging to my hair. also I hate the bun, makes me feel old and schoolmarmish(I'm 47). I went online, found this site I am!

I let it go the day I registered here, and it has made me feel so good.

happy to meet you all, I'm off to try the soda-vinegar

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Need some advice ! Newbie !

By eva, 2012-09-14

Hello ! I have always wanted dreads for as long as I can remember ! Finally, im taking the leap into dreadlock world. However, I'm only partially dreading my hair because I want to see how they look and if I like them enough to dread the rest of my head. So a couple on the bottom nape of my neck, and a couple in random spots. I've decided to use the twist and rip but noticed that there are a lot of loose hairs. From what I know you can either crochet them in, or just let them naturally. I'd much rather let them lock naturally, however I was wondering if this would be a bad idea or conflict with the rest of my hair since 'm not dreading my whole head. Thank you guys so much !

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4 Month Update

By Hollach, 2012-09-13

The back has been going great but the sides are not really starting yet.

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I get it now...

By Marlee Batchelder, 2012-09-13

I had a realization today. Just a few minutes ago actually. I back combed 3 dreads myself a few weeks before letting the rest go naturally. Since then I have done no backcombing at all (besidesa little tightening of already existing knots at the roots of 2 spots in my hair I wanted to wrap). Today a friend and I did a few more wrappings in our hair. I realized (after noticing how much faster hers was dreading than mine) that my hair, for whatever reasons, may take longer to officially dread than I initially expected. Today a friend of mine also re-iterated his opinion that since my hair is the hair that it is, i really should give my dreads a head start by back combing or twist/ripping or whatever- that by itself my hair will not dread easily or quickly. So, after a day of dread-frustration, I unwrapped one of the barely dreaded segments of hair I wrapped earlier, and backcombed it into a dread and wrapped it back up. But, while semi-furiously (I'm also a little angry right now for other reasons) ripping a fine toothed comb in an unnatural direction through my beautiful hair andbeing able to literally hear my hair suffering- I realized something I thought I already knew. Dreading your hair is not about having dreads. It's not about the result, its the process. The experience. The journey. Any method other than 100% natural dreading doesn't justtake away a few miles ofyour path- it completley eliminates it. Sometimes I'm proud of the dreads that I have from previously backcombing...but now I've realized- I would be completley happy never having visible dreads, if that's all my hair is capable of.I know it's not, as many of the baby dreads I wrapped and put pics up of a few days ago were completley natural, but if it were- i would be ok with that. I am not doing this to have dreaded hair (irrelevent of my initial intentions), I am doing this to let my hairdecide what it wants to do, i am doing this to let my hair teach me things that my mind cannot, I am doing this to set myself free. And myjourney will give this to me, not my dreads.

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what did i do to my hair.

By Amanda12, 2012-09-11
I saw my Mums Mother fr the first time sence i stopped combing. I walked in her house and she was like "did you get a perm?" I said nope. " did yo cut your hair?" Nope. " what did you do?" So I told her I did nothing. Lol literally nothing. When my mum told her that i was growing dreadlocks she went off tw
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Need some advice

By Peter Kim, 2012-09-11

Ok so its been 3 and a half months since I last posted so there has been alot of progress since then. Well this is how I feel. Every part of my dreads are growing and matting perfectly fine BESIDES the roots. Its unfortunate that one time using wax (at the beginning) has an effect on my dreads but it did, mentally and physically. I simply do not know what to do. I LOVE having dreads but cant get over the fact that I used wax even one time. I recently bought the Wax B Gone product to get rid of wax but even after using it a couple times the wax buildup in the front of my hair is still there :( Its really not as bad as im making it sound, but I am all about being natural and having done research for a year and 4 months before getting dreads I KNEW I wanted to go all natural but the guy at the salon used wax on the first dread regardless of what I told him and I just said fuck it and kept going.

I need some advice

I love having dreads that I don't want to take them out (oh yea I would take them out and retry in the future)

but I hate the fact that I used wax on the initial process and is facing the consequences from it, plus wax being at the roots im pretty sure is why none of the new growth has been dreaded

At this point I don't know wether to be patient and wait it out or take them out and start over when the times right

as you can kinda see that dread sticking up at the top is sticking up because the base is stiff from initial wax use that it sticks up, even the sides stick out a little because the base is thick.

But dreads are something I will do again in the future....

Dreadlock community the mics all you...

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