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dreadlocks shampoo



By Mama Kat, 2012-09-16

Counted the other other day, I have over 80 dreads/sections...that is all =D

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4 months into my dreads

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-15

I am 4 months into the dreads that are on the uper half of my head the bottom I have had for almost 2 years now. But today I had a little freak out this site helped me so much I am so happy that I found it and can ask all the questions I need to my stress level is down a little I still have a battle for a few weeks with this but I will make it all better thanks for all the help much loves <3

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speed it up for the child

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-15

My youngest wants dreads. Now I did my with a little force he has such a tender head he hates it to even be brushed that is why he wants dreads now. What can I do besides just giving him a good shampoo to speed up the proses? Naturally of course

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Neem seed oil

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-15

I need to find some of this but do not live near any stores are there sites that have it for a good price that you can recomend

Thanks much needed

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super sad and need help Dont want to cut off

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-15

So I think I have ugh.....Lice :( And I need to know is this the end of my dreads? Do I have to now cut them off. Please someone help me I am so sad right now and kinda freaking out I dont know what to do

Please help confused lost and sad

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Washing Hair - baby locks

By Alexandro Colon, 2012-09-15

So my original hair is very thin and soft - i started out by twist and ripping last week , i took off the rubber bands two days ago and decided to go natural. i have a bunch of knots everywhere and a bunch of dreads starting to form..Just wanted know what was the best way 2 wash my hair and how many times i should be washing it - just a little scared stuff will start coming undone - i have theneutrogena residue free shampoo...just looking for a few tips and pointers

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By Kyle Smith, 2012-09-14

Hey yall,

Im posting this link so that one dreadie can help another. This is a dude is a true musician not only with his guitar but also with his voice. I found Dreadedchild when I was looking at vids on youtube for ways to start my locs, this guy came up and iv followd ever since. He has a great spirit and an addictive way of expressing his talents. This is what he has to say.

'Hey guys Please, watch my video and help me out with my dream, i have this opportunity that im striving to acheive , and i have crazy support already, but still need for to make it a reality. Please share it and vote everyday if possible :) have a listen and share my link around ! Thanks so much :) '

Lets show our support for our fellow dreadhead and help make his dreams come true.

Thank You

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two week mark!!

By abbey black, 2012-09-14

im pretty excited to be at two weeks, im still having a bit of dandruff but ill be okay. i cant wait for the many months to come with my dreads and my journey with them :D smiles for all of you lovely people

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Wash Number 2. Flat Top.

By Kyle Adams, 2012-09-14
So today I washed my dreads for the second time. After the BSW but before the Vinegar I noticed I hadn't completely rinsed the baking soda and oils out so I stuck my head back under the faucet. After the Vinegar and the towel dry I used a hair dryer to further dry the dreads and my head. After, looking at my head, the top looks very "flat" and non- dreaded. I'm wondering if it just looks smoother because of the Vinegar or hair dryer and will return back to "normal" in the next few days...
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hello -introducing myself

By Manya Maratou, 2012-09-14

Hello everyone

I am Manya, a storyteller and musician. I live just outside a village north of Athens, Greece.

I have long, dry, wavy hair. I have been letting it do its stuff for two or three years now. I've been using hair oil to comb it out every few days, plaiting it for performances and work, rolling a bun to get it out of the way. I woke up one morning and the plait was all felted up..used a comb, oils and hair conditioner and hours of combing to separate the hairs

hours of thinking about what the hair was telling me!

I've been thinking of dreads for a while, but didn't want to do anything potentially damaging to my hair. also I hate the bun, makes me feel old and schoolmarmish(I'm 47). I went online, found this site I am!

I let it go the day I registered here, and it has made me feel so good.

happy to meet you all, I'm off to try the soda-vinegar

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