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dreadlocks shampoo
Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman


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what kind of shampoo

user image 2012-09-20
By: Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
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I do the BS wash already and put the oils I want into it....but what else can I wash my hair with that will not harm it or leave a residue I need this for me and my little dudes I do not like Doctor broners It makes my skin feel really bad even when diluted.....Need something that is good for hair and does not hurt mine or my kids silly skin

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/24/12 08:34:54PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

Fabulous cant wait to get them in the mail

09/24/12 11:40:53AM @ixchel:

agree the dreadlockshampoos are pretty awesome. love the scents & they are great on the dreadies :)

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/21/12 01:29:18AM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

Got the nag champa in the liquid Figured my kid would like that better than dragons blood I love that smell tho very much But will be sharing with him

09/21/12 01:20:26AM @mons:
I've used the Nag Champa bar, Dragon's blood liquid (my gave scent so far), Satsuma bar and Patchouli liquid. They're all amazing.

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/21/12 12:59:26AM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

Nag Champa and goddess

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/21/12 12:56:48AM @soaring-eagle:

which scents did u get?

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/21/12 12:44:13AM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

Fine I will wait to be happy....with the product that is :D still happy tho that I do not have to use the shampoo my mother has in her shower and other places

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/21/12 12:36:06AM @soaring-eagle:

wait till u try em

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/21/12 12:30:54AM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

Well I just ordered some of the liquid seeing as mine are still on the baby side and so are my kids and than a bar for when I can start to scrub with that :D super happy thanks so much guys

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/20/12 11:51:36PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

Thanks much I will check it out

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