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3 Week absence. Sorry about that.

By: Amber 'Blob' Orpin
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Get the kettle on, find somewhere soft to sit (im going with floor chustions today) and lets have a good chin wag. Home life is feeling good, had a bit of a downer month but it seems to be sorting its self back out makeing the vibe here a lot more relaxed. John has just started his new job, longer hours brings the useual worry of not seeing Kyra as much (more about her later) but it does mean the pay is better which brings a 1'st for us as we can now pay all the bills, every month! so hopefully red bills we be a thing of the past. Yippie! Kyra has just enterd the world of potty training and doing really well, only a couple of accidents so far and a bit of a barin teaser of the best way to get a runny poo off a rug (all sujestions welcome)

All things dreds.

Well its all been moving rather fast. John after hateing the idea of dredsoriginally has come full circle and is even in the lead. John has a slight curl to his hair so its dreading really well without much help, i have been trying out my backcoming methods on a few dreds round the front as they kept getting in the way while he was working. He is trying out diffirent ways of tying them up for work but still havent found anything that works for him just yet, need to find a good bandana i think.

My dreds on the other had are taking the slow and steady approach. BS washing is really helping, although im fighting some hairspray out of my hair at the moment, its nearly all gone its just taking a few washes. As my hair is really long im worried it will create one big knot at the back so im going to section it all out taking the lead from knots that have already started to form, plait the sections then work my way round backcoming. I did want to leave it to do its own thing (neglect method) but it isnt really practical when running a house with a 2yr old in it. Even Kyra is beeting me in the dred department, she has one the forms at the end of most days right in the back (its very cute). she has asked if she can have dreds as well, which im all up for but its going to have to wait till mine are a bit moremanageable and i get better as washing them. Hopefully this wont be long as im getting lots od parctice washing johns for him. Hopeing to get some pictures up soon

Well i will leave it there for today and try to blog again soon.

Safe journey till next time

Blob xXx

Amber 'Blob' Orpin
09/25/12 08:12:22AM @amber-blob-orpin:

Mons - im braiding to get an idea of where the dred will 'sit' im not backcoming the braid, my hair is staight as a pin so im taking the braid out then backcoming. the idea of putting the braids in is to give my hair a bit of a kink to help the dreds from.


09/21/12 02:40:31PM @mons:
I would suggest not braiding then backcombing the sections. That was done with some of mine and I was very displeased, those are most of the dreads I combed out. The braided part will 'fall' to the end of the dread, then get really big and (in my opinion) really ugly, THEN they'll get hard as a rock. When that happens the water won't drain from them very well, they'll stay damn longer and have a stronger possibility of mold and rot. I can post some pics of the braided dreads I didn't comb out if you'd like.

Amber 'Blob' Orpin
09/21/12 06:44:03AM @amber-blob-orpin:

Ixchel - No i didnt try baking soda, i went victorian on it and gave it a good scrub the beat the heck out of it in the garden with a tennis racket, got some funny looks from next door. Its not that i can't go neglect with Kyra running round, im just tryning to find what works best for day to day running of the house (oh dear sounding a bit 1950's there). My hair is really long so it is just matting together in one bit go. Johns hair is shorter so we have been able to section his out and band it at the end while they form up, nealry all his bands are out now. I just want a bit more 'control' of my hair. I'm sectiong out and useing the knots that have already started to form to guide me

Alyssa Metzger
09/20/12 09:53:55PM @alyssa-metzger:
I find neglect a wonderful blessing being a parent of a 14 month in wash and do nothing with my hair. I even work in the healthcare field just use a headband to keep it off my face. For far too long I've spent hours on my hair. My mindset is wash it and forget it, Other than the separating. Just let it be...there's enough to do with a toddler hurricaning around the room.

09/20/12 12:25:55PM @ixchel:

for the poo rug have you used a baking soda scrub on it? that's how i wash out all our accidents :) & why can't you go neglect with a little one running about?

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