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Sections fading

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-16
I washed my hair and now the twist are completely gone in my front and my sections seem to be gone also. My hair feels like my loose Afro hair ... I always feel like I'm moving backward when I wet my hair
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Need comments

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-16
I just washed with BS and this is how I'm looking still wet from every angle please give me feed back so I know if what I did was correct
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Vinegar for dread washing

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-16
What is the difference between apple cider vinegar and regular white ... Am I able to use regular white vinegar as an alternative when I don't have apple cider vinegar ?
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Dread thickness

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-15
I always see ppl start off with these skinny hungry looking dreads and after a few washes their dreads become so thick how is that
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Need advise again

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-14
Today I have an interview for Burger King and my hair is very out there. What should I do? Should I wear a hat or something or should I explain my dreads? My interview is at 4PM it's only 8AM so please as much advise as possible.
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Need info ASAP

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-13
My twist that I made when I started seem to almost be completely gone now is that a problem
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Everyday changes

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-12
I've only been doing this about a week and already seein some change in my hair ..... Happy success day
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I'm worried too many hairs are coming out at the root!!!!

By Lynne Cowley Jones, 2012-11-12
Hi everyone ....... Looking for some reassurance really my locks are nearly 4 weeks old but getting concerned that I can see a lot of my hair roots on the top of my lock. Is this normal?I know we obviously would normally loose hair and not notice and maybe its that because its locked in I can see it.My concern was I might be doing something wrong and end up with no hair arghhhhhhAny advice would be most welcome .....thanks fellow dreaders ;-) xx
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NEW BLOGGY, first in bout a year :D:D

By Sonja-Skye, 2012-11-12

OK, so I haven't been online for about a year or so.
my sweeties r looking wikkid, I'm doing reasonably well (aside from every second week the kids bring something home) but I still feel like things r missing and there are more things I can do, I just don't know how to or how to handle it!!!
how do you make people sit up and actually listen to what you would like to say? how can you make them realize how aggravating it is that they would let fellow humans suffer, and worry about their revenue, or their comfort of lifestyle, how do you tell them that, surprise surprise, the world ACTUALLY does NOT revolve around them?
I wish there was a way to tell them to wake up, but unfortunately, there isn't the only thing for it, is trying to let them see there really is good people in the world who would look kinder on people's safety and care and knowledge rather than people caring for there own personal gain!
how do you do such things without being made to feel guilty, and told that you are doing the wrong thing for sending revenue to other countries? ESPECIALLY when your country is outsourcing many of the equities to other countries in the first place such as jobs, real estate and education, but then for personal ideals and reasons posed in the same way it is wrong?

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just catching up

By gabby henault, 2012-11-11

so im at nine and a half months of dreading so far. they are very nice. tightening up so well. i have a few that decided to congo and about 6 new neglect ones forming from myself doing nothing at all to the bangs i had when i first made them. the loose thin hair at the bottom of the back of my head is finally starting to clump together after nine months of sitting there. im pretty excited for my new dreads. i still do not know how many i have because i believe that it is bad luck to count your dreadlocks. i love that my friends find joy in rubbing my scalp for me, it feels so nice lol. i havenot posted a photo in a while and i must be getting on that. i think soon i will take a montage of all or most of my locks individually because that is something i have yet to do.

peace out mann.

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