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Dustin Godfrey


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My Journey has finally started!

user image 2012-11-20
By: Dustin Godfrey
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3 years ago i decided that dreads were the right thing for me. I always loved the way they looked and really wanted them. April 2010 was the last time I cut my hair, after having it shaved most of my life, for the sole purpose of going through this journey. At first I caught a lot of trash for my desicion from friends and family (my granddad is an old school barber and my entire family are not always down with non traditional things) I fought through all of the heckling and continued to grow my hair out.

I began reading and researching all about dreads, night and day I was watching videos, reading articles, and talking to people about them. As many of the people on this site will tell you, I fell into the trap of KnottyBoy and DreadHeadHQ and was a few dollars away from ordered a wax filled chemical death trap...Until I found this site. It opened my mind up to a side of dreadlocks I did not even know existed. I went from only wanted dreads to wanting to go through the journey and work and live with them instead of coming out "perfect and neat".

So finally after 2 and a half years of growing and waiting, I had a friend help and we did the twist and rip method. No products, NO WAX...and I could not be happier. I am only 2 weeks in but I already feel better and more unique. I can finally show people that I am different. I still recieve negative comments but I do not let it get to me, because for every negative comment I recieve 10 positive ones and it feels really good. I've made the best decision and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Peace, Love, and Locks.



Xephyre (Nae)
11/22/12 05:11:08PM @xephyre-nae:
It looks great on you. Better actually. Dreads are your thing!

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