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Sista Lovin'

user image 2012-11-20
By: Skye2
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Never wrote a blog post in my life, but I wanted to share this story with everyone and brag a lil bit about my sister. I started my dread journey oh lets say about three months ago, they are coming along very nicely, with the only support really from my sister. Everyone else had the same ignorant negative stereotypes about dreadlocks and the people who have them. I told her (sister) my reasons for wanting to partake in this journey of true awakening and the method I had chosen. Sheimmediately showed her support in my decision and has supported me the whole way.So this week before Thanksgiving she took a trip up to Iowa City to visit some of her college friends and go to Chicago for a couple of days for her late birthday gift to herself. While she was in Chicago she went into the Lush store and told me she want going to get me something, but didn't know what. I told her thank you and maybe some facial scrub or something I didn't really care I'd settle for some cheesecake! Later on that night she text me and told me while she was in the store there was a lady with beautiful long mature dreads that worked there. My sister told me the two of them chatted for quite awhile and they talked about the whole journey and how she had started. My sister told her about me and how far along I was in this whole process and if there was anything hair wise she would recommend for my sister to get me. My sister ended up getting me Big Shampoo and in theingredientsit is fifty percent sea salt. I am super excited to try it out, but more so that my sister did that for me. She is such an amazing person and that fact that she takes interests in things that are important to me just makes my hear soar. We were never close growing up because we lived themajorityof our lives inseparatehouseholds, but this last year we can become closer than ever. I wouldn't trade our bond for anything in the world I love her so much. So basically this post is about how wonderful of a sister I have. Peace be with you.

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