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Tyrik smith


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Sections fading

By: Tyrik smith
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I washed my hair and now the twist are completely gone in my front and my sections seem to be gone also. My hair feels like my loose Afro hair ... I always feel like I'm moving backward when I wet my hair
Tyrik smith
11/16/12 11:19:57PM @tyrik-smith:
Thanks I was so worried again as usual lol if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be able to sleep at night lol

Baba Fats
11/16/12 11:10:55PM @baba-fats:

They look just fine. Just like how hair that short should look this early in the process. Don't worry about it. I can see a ton of sections. When they aren't twisted, you know you are on the right track to healthy locks. And when you can't see scalp in between each lock, you are on the right track

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/16/12 10:22:52PM @soaring-eagle:

u have plenty of sections they just aret twisted painfullty tight they will dread just fine just be sure to seperate them like weekly

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