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my dread journey

By emma connell, 2012-11-10

i never had the best of starts with my dreadlock journey.

my hair was very short when i decided that dreads were right for me.

i looked into many methods of how to start my dreading process, but they all had scare stories, and i didn't know anyone who i could turn to for advice.

i finally decided to go to a salon - which were incredibly expensive!!

whilst flicking through the phonebook for the telephone number of the 1 only place inmy region that does it, i phoned a different number - that took me through to a lady trading under a very similar company name.
we spoke on the phone, she was a mobile hairdresser, i also looked at some of her work on the internet. she seemed to know what she was talking about and seemed very convincing and genuine. and was half the price to what the salon was charging! result!!

i booked an appointment for a few weeks later - as she was very busy. i went round to her house. where i started my 4 hours of dreading.
once she had finished they looked fab!!!!! although they were very hard to the touch?? she advised me to wax them a couple times a week.....

within a few days they started to discolour. under closer inspection,- black bits stuck to them :-( this was incredibly noticable as i had bleached my hair beforehand. little did i know is that she used a hair glue to hold my dreads together.

i stuck with it though, knowing that eventually it would all be worth while. and any visable glue and dirt within time vanished. when i felt like my nicely forming dreads needed tidying up, i visited the salon i wished to go to in the first place. i was not going to go back to the mobile woman after the glue incident.

they tightened my roots with a hook, and then smothered in a knotty boys dreading gel? once dry, coated in bee wax. the woman had observed whilst tidying up that glue had been previously used and how bad that was. we discussed the woman who i saw previously, whom they were familiar with and how she had a bad reputation. i left the salon feeling rather happy about my experience. i still was still applying wax on the odd occasion but not very often as i didnt like the way it made them feel.

2 years have passed now, since i have let anyone touch my dreads. they seem much healthier and i am much happier with them now :-) after starting roughly 5 inches long, they are now shoulder lengthish. i tidy them up occasionly with a hook. and seperate them after washing but dont tend to mess with them much anymore. all the advice i seemed o have had re: palm rolling, waxing etc seemed to have done me no good.

only small problem is now is that i am slightly paranoid about what is going on in my dreads, with remaining glue, wax and dandruff build -up etc. i dont wanna have to cut my dreads off!!!!

if anyone has any advise i would love to hear from you! I am in the U.K and there seems to be very limited products, advise or tips here!!!!!!!

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Finally done using the twist method now starting journey

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-09
I used the twist method please give me your comments
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By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-09
Looking for a starting method to give me results such as these .... Any tips or
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Need tips ASAP

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-09
I just took my two strand twist with wax out and I am about to wash the wax out what am I to do because I want to start my dreads as of tonight I just want to start on a good note
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My Wax B Gone came in the mail today!

By Star Gryphon, 2012-11-08

I was surprised it came so quickly!

I ordered the wax b gone and the lock magic locking gel just a few days ago! They even threw in a free sample of the dragon's blood liquid shampoo!

Motherhood is a busy job...but I should get to use them in the next few days!

I'll update to let you know what happens and what I think! gonna use a few buckets and give the ends real good deep cleaning! Since that's the part that got waxed that one time close to 5 years ago!

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Oils needed

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-07
What oils are best for moisture .... I plan to start my dreads in a week or so and I want to know what material I will need to maintain from wash to moisture
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What's does natural/neglect mean

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-07
Do I twist my natural hair into little dread look a likes with my hands and leave them to lock up or do I wash my hair and never comb it again ...the term seems so open ended
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Need advise on my twist

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-07
I love the look of my twist and would love to let them dread,but i don't want it to look bad during the process. I started with wax and they only been in about 5 days. What should I do?
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day 407 of - About quitting smoking today.

By Castaway J, 2012-11-05

today i kinda snapped, i really do not know what made me, or why it just felt like one of the manyimpulsesi oftensuppress. I did not snap at a coworker, friend, or any animate object..i snapped my cigarette, then keptsayinim done im done, gave my almost full pack away and left!!!! that happened about four and a half hours ago!

I'mgoing to try these homeopathic chew pill things that SE recommended worked for him real wells, and i have tried them, they kill the craving.

Lets start by saying that for the last, maybe 5 months my dreads have not changed, so they have just been growing length at the roots mainly.

i feel like if idon'tfix the issue of smoking cigs and quit for good, my dreads cant and will not progress any further.i'msure they would. but honestly,i'vebeen wanting to quit for 7 years, of 14 year smoking. thats too long.

...this all is happening at a stage when my dreads are really defining themselves, becoming locked upknotsof love. when i think about it, i think that smoking the cigs is not only good for my own heath or those around me, i think about the image that the word sees. another smoking locked up hippy, bum, or whatever. dreads i believe do not want to beassociatedwith that at all!

so...from this day forth i hope to really quite smoking cigarettes, while keeping a deaded quitting smoking timeline :)

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Loose Hair Crossing

By Kyle Smith, 2012-11-05

Hey yall im back. Iv been reading up on separating locks and have been doing so. I know my locks are still really young at only three months but should I do it anyways??? I have hairs at the shaft of the lock that come apart after I pull the two dreads apart but the loose hair crossing at the roots is another thing. Should this be an issue or should I just let it be? Like I said my locks are still very young so I just dont know when I should really start working on this..

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