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My Dreads

By Jahma, 2013-05-01

WhenI met Soaring Eagle I told him the story of how I became a dready. That I would share it in a post. That was in 2009 and I better do it before I run off onto the road again. My life is coming to another big change just like it did back in 1997 when it started for me.

True names are with held. I going to lay it on straight so dont judge me to harsh. We are all human:)

I was living in my sisters basement in 97. Selling hemp jewelry and tye-dyes at flea markets. I had this sister ummmmm Ruth come up and bought a necklace off of me. I found she was also selling hemp jewelry. She was a sweetie and she invited me to her home.

Ruth was the first person I even noticed who had dreads. I look at peoples eyes and even though I go to Rainbow Gatherings it never hit me.

Well Ruthie was a beautiful sister and when she offered me a couple clean doses and the world was put into flux. She was so beautiful and her hair was so beautiful. She asked me to run away with her onto the road. She said she was a "Kid" and I was a'Kid" too. Off into the great unknown. I told her that I did not have any money. That I was poor. She said "We can be poor together". The most romantic words ever spoken to me.

I had never done anything like this though I had hitch hiked all over the USA already a few times. I had been trying to get into the jewelry business. I know how to cut stones and cast metals, facet gems. Well of course you give it all away. I had so few possessions but I had the jewelry equipment. I knew an old DeadHead who had just gotten off the road permanent. We can call him Luke. Well I traded all my jewelry equipment to Luke for a drum. (I still have the drum)

Well my Mother found out I was planning on hitch hiking off with a 19yr old dready sister. Well I then was told a 17yr old dready sister. Well Ruthies mom informed me I was going to be hitching off with a 16yr old dready sister the day we went to the notary to get an afidavid signed saying she could be with me. My mother decided she better rent me a car. Moms are just that way sometimes.

So off I go. To get my last paycheck pick up my drum then off to Ruthies. I get my paycheck and start down the road and I see this Guy walking in the other direction. He was a Rasta Man with Dreads to his waist. I pulled over to offer a ride.

Rasta man looked as old as the Earth. He was carrying a bag and a flute. I asked "Do you want a ride?" He just knodded he was going in the opposite direction. I told him to jump in and that I would go in the other direction to help him out.

He wouldnt look at me except for a glance out the side of his eye. He wouldnt speak to me except thru jestures. I was rambling about how I was about to go on the road. I was going with Ruthie. My mom rented this car. I told him that I was a spiritual person. Then I said to him. "I wish I was more like you!"

Be careful of your wishes Kids. The moment I said those words on a bright blue clear day the heavens open up with a deluge of water on my car. I quickly started to try to find the windsheild wipers and he pointed them out in a millisecond. I looked over and caufght a glint of his mischiefious eye in that second. We didn;t need to talk after that. I was dropping him off just a mile up the road and I pulled over for him to get out. The instant he stepped out the sun was shining.

I could go into the story of what I thought, I wont. I met Jah that day. I picked up my drum and then Ruthie and went out into the great unknown. My life changed that day. It continued at that magical pace for years like that. Amazing stories strung together making my life. I have not cut my hair since. Jah Love

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Knotty Boy website is a sham

By Baba Fats, 2013-05-01

Just for kicks and giggles I decided to check out today. I was annoyed with their home page, but I pushed through it. At the bottom of the page there is a link for "what do you think?". So I clicked it. It sends you to a page full of links to surveys about their site: What do you want more of? How do you like buying their products? How do you like their new site? etc... All of them allow you to take the survey right on the spot. Then there is a link about How you like using their products? Unlike all of the other surveys, this one is not available. In fact, it sends you to a page that tells you that you need permission to take this survey. I requested permission just for the sake of it. But I'm not expecting to hear back.

Sure the reason for this is most likely them wanting to check your email address and making sure it matches up with one in their database. That would make sense. But I'm sure they are also making sure you aren't on a forum like this one, spreading the truth about their products. In every other survey, they claim that they want you to be honest about your opinion. But they aren't going to listen to you if you disagree with them.

I know this isn't an important, or even a particularly useful blog. But I though some people may find it entertaining to see how KB is screening yet another form of criticism

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crystals /stones

By jazzymomma, 2013-04-30


Tigers eye

used for increased insight on all directions in thought. considered a mind stone not body stone. offers clear thinking and good luck. creates feelings of intellectual onesness, wholeness. brings ones own needs to light and how they relate to others.used in advanced spiritual meditaion. natural colors red, black and brown tones.


Brings ones conciousness to present, helps to balance the emotions, helps one deal with information and events of past, helps find cause to disease, stimulates a healthy pregnantcy.


Ancient Egyptians / Greeks and Romans ground this stone to a powder used for many things such as eyeshadow. It is believed to be a strong protector of children. used to get rid of nightmares and been thought of as "mirror into the soul" reflects ones true self an intentions for others to see. If your feeling negitive don't wear this stone as it will allow others to see your negitivity and unclean bad people who feed on it will use it to gain satisfaction through wrongful actions and words. good for personal growth, protection, allows for leadership qualitys to surface for use, business success, promotes tranquility, good sleep.when used with copper increases the stones power. used for the fourth Chakra the heart.


Works with the heart Chakra. Helps with carrying out deep seeded changes and aid in leaving the past events in the past. This stone is considered very spiritual. Relieves stress and worry, allows for a deeper meditaion, restful sleep and lucid dreaming. Promotes angelic communication. Opens ones mind to divine sources. Cleanses karma, gives feelings of positive outlook on life and love. Found in several places many more than lisited here. Burma, Japan, Mexico, Russia and more. color varies from white, pale pink, yellow tones. Peridot

First found on a tiny Island called Zabarguard owned by Egypt four thousand years ago. considered to be a very spiritual gemstone. A individual not accepting spirituality and bearing many earthy problems shouldn't wear this stone. they will not see the stones meaning and use to it's full purpose and beauty. love attractant, calms anger and overall general healing stone, helps to soothe nervousness.

Peacock stone

Used to cleanse an open ones crown Chakra. Increases one perceptive abilitys and helps you pull etheral energys to you. allowing to bring fourth information to others as well. signifys re-birth, balancing / syncroniza tion of the Chakras, brings freshness and newness to ones life. helps to release information or objects or beings that are no longer useful or important in your life. used to break up energy blockages. feelings of power an energy. Carnelian

works with the second Chakra. helps to connect with your inner self, instills happines an gives one engery, promotes creativity, creates self confidence, allows for direction to individuality traits, guards away poverty and aids in past life recall and memory, dispells depression, flares up sexuality, calms anger, promotes a sense of humor. dispells negitivity. found in mostly India some south America. form of Chalcedony and considered a noble stone buried with high status individuals. said to increase appities and insecure feelings. Tangerine Quartz

These are clear quartz crystals with a naturally forming orange mineral coating not man made. Energizes the second Chakra, activates ones creativity as well as sexual energies. those two together is promising for great spiritual growth. The second Chakra is energy center of the sexual organs. creativity and sexuality are deeply linked. the creation of a human being is initiated through sexual contact with that said, the creation of great works of art are often are like a experience of intensity an emotions, much like an orgasm.


Works with the crown Chakra.brins good fortune asn assists in foretelling the future. enhanches intution promotes vast inpirations, brings sucess to business matters and in love. Offers prot ection when on land and sea. Excellent stone for meditation and understanding ones elf deeper an more clearly. The strongest benefits are reached when using in the midst of a full moon. Said to re-unite lovers and balances hormones and functions of the pineal gland. Found naturally in Sir Lanka, Burma, India, Madagascar, The duller apperance of this stone originates from Canada.

the clearer type is jewelry top quality moonstone


Often nicknamed "fools gold" Pyrite the name comes from a greek word meaning " stone in which strikes fire" forms between two flat layers of coal and slate. which formed 350 million years ago! deep in coal mines in Illinois USA. used a a great energy sheild blocking out negitivity. helps overcome feelings of inadequacy and allows for good blood flow stimulates the ciculatory system and good for overall fatigue.


sought after for inner peace. this stone may be confused with Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite has white calcite and flecks of pyrite usually very small. most in Brazil. stimulates endurance an inner strength. Harmonizes ones inner mind, subconcious and concious. allows for luck for a writer's success. also good for improving communication skills.


This cross shaped inclusioned stone has black to brownish tones the cross shape itself is actually naturally forming graphite. a true miracle of nature. this stone found forming naturally in USA California Nevada, Canada, Russia, Spain,and Brazil.

Transmits conflict into harmony and disspells negitive engeries and thoughts. used for protection, and helps strengthen all the Chakras. helps overcome depression, feelings of isolation, loneliness. this stones when used with others enhances the healing properties of other stones as well. sought after for use with gateways to mysteries and out of body experiences and travels.

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Is a womans sexual appeal/value really in her hair?

By Siri Nam Simran Kaur, 2013-04-30

Its been long accepted that women with long flowing, soft hair are considered more feminine, attractive and socially desirable. In every country I've been to this is the accepted view. A woman's value in all societies is based on her sexuality/attractiveness. On the whole dreads are not seen as attractive (unless of course your asking someone who has dreads.) So knowing this I decided to dread my hair to dissuade undesirable males who are quick to ask me out without knowing a thing about me. I thought dreading would act as a filter and for the most part its working. Living in L.A. were everyone is an actor or model its easy to feel a little out of place and undesirable, now that my hair has changed my value in this patriarchal society is now made lesser and its apparent. Has anyone else experienced it this way? How do women feel they are perceived with dreads as opposed to before the dreads? Is anyone having different (better or worse) dating experiences?

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A crazy six months!

By Greg2, 2013-04-29
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Essay on my dreads

By ashley walker, 2013-04-26

I wrote this essay on my dreadlocks for school, my teacher said it was his favorite :0 but ignore my grammatical errors haha

You need to look clean cut to get a job. You need to smell good to attract friends. You need to sit like a lady to be respected. You need to comb your hair. Boys are not going to like you if you do not comb your hair. We consume these ideals because we are afraid of not being accepted, we are afraid of being ourselves. What is even worse is that our peers or our parents do not tell us otherwise; we need to stay in the solitary confinement labeled normal and wear a straitjacket of social norms to hinder our creativity. Yeah I wanted to fit in, everyone does, but not at my own expense. My mother would say comb your hair, you need to look nice but why? What benefits are there? Why should I not go out being completely comfortable? Comb my hair? Why? It hurts, it never stays right, and it always needs to be washed. Who cares if I see someone I know? They are not going to physically hurt me for not combing my hair. However, to dread is to attract discrimination and being the one child who wants to be untamed and tangled is never easy. The dreadlock process is a journey that brings, tantalizing, the judgment of strangers, discrimination of employers, and the ridicule from family members. In return, the dreadlock process gives spiritual guidance, humility, patience, and strength within the community.

Every journey begins at the decision to accept it; I decided to get dreads for no reason whatsoever. I had no body modifications, I was not Rastafarian, I did not smoke a lot of pot, I just wanted dreadlocks and they were really easy for me to get. Like most things, capitalist America does not want you have anything unless you have to pay for it first, so I had to do a bit of research. Dreads are supposed to be as natural as breathing with as little maintenance as possible. There are companys that will try to sell kits, and products that will make your dreads lock faster, smell nicer, look cleaner, but what they do not tell you is that in doing this you can eventually lose them. Yes lose them. Products are bad for you hair, and the more you pick at dreads with crochet needles or a backcomb, the weaker they can get and fall out. They sell these products to create problems with you dreadlocks, so they can make more products for you to buy to fix these problems. With some guidance I chose to be as natural as possible, I knotted up my hair with my bare hands using a method called twist and rip and threw away my hairbrush. I wash my dreads with products that do not use chemicals. My rule is that if it is not safe for me to eat I will not use it on my body.

So the beginning stages of dreads are not pretty, especially with Caucasian hair, your hair does not look like Bob Marleys, it is not sexy and messy, and it is full of snowflakes, itchy scalp, and scalding. My parents did not know it was permanent. My father would not talk to me for three weeks and my mother kept complaining to me because he would yell at her for not showing me how to comb my hair. It is ridiculous how when we do something good for ourselves, other people only care about whether it looks good. I was a problem every time I came downstairs, every time we went in public, every time appearance was an issue. It was so sad because I have never been bullied as much as I was by my own family when I got dreads. This is where I learned who cares about what I think and who encourages my individuality. It was not threatening my life, their lives, their relationships, yet they threatened my self-esteem and for what? I saw a truth revealing within these tauntings, I was soon to learn that being myself in every situation would show me who wants to care about me and who has to.

I get a fair share of comments on my hair daily, and it is interesting how the comments have gone from negative to positive based on location. Of course my friends encouraged me, some young teachers would appreciate it, some older ones would make borderline insults. Some people do not know what the hell is going on with my hair. In my hometown of Leesburg, the residents are mostly middle-aged adults, and I would get questions from my parents friends about it. Do you wash your hair? Can you take it out? Will you shave your head one day? I usually try to stray from the ignorance of some questions but usually these questions were not signs of approval, just them trying to notice the elephant in the room. However, when I came to Radford the scene was totally changed, people wanted to touch my hair (which I love by the way) they complimented me. Of course the occasional questions that bother me come up such as Are you trying to grow dreads? Which is a bit of an insult because there is nothing to try, they occur naturally. There is also Do you like your dreads? always coming from girls with clean, straight, silky hair wondering if they can help me conform. This change of comments may be due to the fact my dreads are more tame and mature since I came to Radford but I am glad they did.

There are a few connotations with dreadlocks though, that is quite obvious but become more obvious in the presence of strangers. It is that people with dreadlocks use drugs specifically marijuana. In the beginning, I did not notice that this was an issue with people but now in college I get the occasional Do you have any drugs? at parties from people I do not even know. Some people assume that I am high in class and I know this because as soon as they familiarize themselves with me they tell me that they notice that I get high before class. Which is completely false, I have never done so nor ever will but I guess now that people assume I am, I would probably get away with it. It is a shifted view, that is only present because people are misinformed and because of that strangers will judge and size me up quickly. This can especially be a problem when I have to get a job because the job market wants to force you to be in the norm, and it is completely not fair because other people can where certain things for their religion yet I can not have dreads and work, while my dreads are part of a spiritual practice. People can be close-minded to what they can and cannot discriminate against, there are other ways of practicing spirituality and they need to know that. What about my hair makes me a less diligent worker if I piss negative?

Experiencing all of these reactions to my hair has shown me so much about the world and revealed to me, myself. It takes one small step out of the box and people want to rush you out. I am so fortunate to know that there are more and more people being open to individuality and teaching each other about our differences rather than oppressing them. Getting dreadlocks taught me more about myself in my relation to these people I love, the world, and all of bigger thoughts you cannot fully comprehend yet, it is just a part of picture and it is still blurry but with what I know about myself is that I am a whole, I am a partial of a whole and that we are all connected. See I stopped combing my hair and I learned to accept myself for what I looked like when I woke up in the morning I did not try to make it smooth or shiny. I had really bad hair days, some times I would regret the decision but I kept them regardless, because I know that I will learn to love myself more if I make myself go through the bad hair days while I get taunted and judged by the people I meet. And my dreadlocks will become more a part of me just as my arm is, because they grow so wild and free yet you understand everyone of their mannerisms. I can think of a specific dreadlock and tell you about it, they are like small extensions of myself. I made it through those tough times because I know now that I love my dreads they taught me patience and humility and those are both qualities of beautiful people. It has been said that if you comb your hair your spiritual thoughts are easier to be released but if you do not your spiritual thoughts remain with you and retain their substance. I began to feel more connected with my natural self in relation to the world and seeing things in a brighter light. I have learned not to question people choice of appearance but admire it; I have learned that whole communities can benefit from diversity because it allows people to become well rounded. I have become well rounded. My dreads are becoming well rounded and even though they are not quite there yet I appreciate every little hair out of place because it is what makes me different that others, it makes it okay to be imperfect. That it is okay to not look clean, or smell like perfume, sit like a lady, or comb your hair. We need to start accepting that we are all the same people on the inside so we need to accept the other people who just express themselves differently on the outside. That way we can explore new parts of ourselves through other people. It is sad to those who within social confines of well groomed workers, I do not feel bad because they think I am strange, I feel bad that they never got to know someone who would accept the way they kept themselves regardless of what they thought of me. As far as shaving my head goes, I will keep growing out my dreads until they serve me no good, but I do not see that happening in my future.

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Advice for 1 month old dreads

By Zach Zimmel, 2013-04-24

Just need a little advice for my one month old dreads. Still feel a little loose. Crochet method work? If so how often? Anything natural that would help them tighten or am I just anxious? Also, so have frayed at the end but some look pretty good. Thank again.

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Dry, unhealthy receding dreads.

By Eddie Thomas, 2013-04-24

I started my dreads about 10 yrs ago and have enjoyed them. But about two years ago I switched from having them palm rolled at a salon to having them done by my girlfriend who interlocks them like hers. The main reason I did this was because after about a week of getting my hair palm rolled I would have a faint odor from them that would get worse if i sweated a lot because of the product that was used to lock them. Since I switched I have less odor, but now my dreads are now dry and unhealthy looking. Recently I notice they look completely different and my hairline seems like its receding faster. They do not look as neat as they did before and I am thinking of cutting them off if this continues. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can correct this? I also just started working out daily so I try and wash my hair weekly to keep it clean. Right now I use Dr. Bronner's Soap,IC Moisturizer and Tibet Oil no conditioner. Are there any products that anyone can suggest that I can use to make them look neat, clean, and healthy again? Or any maintenance suggestions I should try? Thanks in advance.

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Thicker base, skinny ends ; what happens now?

By Marissa Victoria, 2013-04-23

Hey everyone!

So I was seeking advice on the ends of my dreads. They arent as mature as the tops of them, and are also thinner and skinnier. It seems like they all have pretty skinny ends.

What will the ends start to look like as the dread matures? Which seems to be moving from my scalp down?

Do they curl up? or stay really thin, making my dreads when they get mature pointy?!

I'd like to know what to expect, it also looks like strange because when I grab my hair its really thick and the ends just are dinky. :/

I also have some reallly thin dreads, and I just don't know if I should combine them, I seem to have about 33 right now, I don't want congos but I also didn't want to combine them because I don't want to get scalpy. So I'm wondering, if they go as they go and stay skinny, will they eventually get thicker?

I just added some pictures that show it pretty obviously.

I'll also put one in here.

Thank you for your input!


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Terrible happenings

By Christian Thomas Patton, 2013-04-23

I've been staying in a hotel recently because I'm moving (the electricity had been shut off) from Columbia, Ky toAlbuquerque, NM, and this morning some friends and family came to help pack and when we got to the houseI find that someone had broken into my house. They took my guitars, surround speakers, anything with value, they had rummaged through my 8 month old nephews things and broke our tv. And the thieves had taken raw meat and threw it on my mothers bed. I'm hoping this move will be a new start. I just want to get there and clear my mind.

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