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crystals /stones

user image 2013-04-30
By: jazzymomma
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Tigers eye

used for increased insight on all directions in thought. considered a mind stone not body stone. offers clear thinking and good luck. creates feelings of intellectual onesness, wholeness. brings ones own needs to light and how they relate to others.used in advanced spiritual meditaion. natural colors red, black and brown tones.


Brings ones conciousness to present, helps to balance the emotions, helps one deal with information and events of past, helps find cause to disease, stimulates a healthy pregnantcy.


Ancient Egyptians / Greeks and Romans ground this stone to a powder used for many things such as eyeshadow. It is believed to be a strong protector of children. used to get rid of nightmares and been thought of as "mirror into the soul" reflects ones true self an intentions for others to see. If your feeling negitive don't wear this stone as it will allow others to see your negitivity and unclean bad people who feed on it will use it to gain satisfaction through wrongful actions and words. good for personal growth, protection, allows for leadership qualitys to surface for use, business success, promotes tranquility, good sleep.when used with copper increases the stones power. used for the fourth Chakra the heart.


Works with the heart Chakra. Helps with carrying out deep seeded changes and aid in leaving the past events in the past. This stone is considered very spiritual. Relieves stress and worry, allows for a deeper meditaion, restful sleep and lucid dreaming. Promotes angelic communication. Opens ones mind to divine sources. Cleanses karma, gives feelings of positive outlook on life and love. Found in several places many more than lisited here. Burma, Japan, Mexico, Russia and more. color varies from white, pale pink, yellow tones. Peridot

First found on a tiny Island called Zabarguard owned by Egypt four thousand years ago. considered to be a very spiritual gemstone. A individual not accepting spirituality and bearing many earthy problems shouldn't wear this stone. they will not see the stones meaning and use to it's full purpose and beauty. love attractant, calms anger and overall general healing stone, helps to soothe nervousness.

Peacock stone

Used to cleanse an open ones crown Chakra. Increases one perceptive abilitys and helps you pull etheral energys to you. allowing to bring fourth information to others as well. signifys re-birth, balancing / syncroniza tion of the Chakras, brings freshness and newness to ones life. helps to release information or objects or beings that are no longer useful or important in your life. used to break up energy blockages. feelings of power an energy. Carnelian

works with the second Chakra. helps to connect with your inner self, instills happines an gives one engery, promotes creativity, creates self confidence, allows for direction to individuality traits, guards away poverty and aids in past life recall and memory, dispells depression, flares up sexuality, calms anger, promotes a sense of humor. dispells negitivity. found in mostly India some south America. form of Chalcedony and considered a noble stone buried with high status individuals. said to increase appities and insecure feelings. Tangerine Quartz

These are clear quartz crystals with a naturally forming orange mineral coating not man made. Energizes the second Chakra, activates ones creativity as well as sexual energies. those two together is promising for great spiritual growth. The second Chakra is energy center of the sexual organs. creativity and sexuality are deeply linked. the creation of a human being is initiated through sexual contact with that said, the creation of great works of art are often are like a experience of intensity an emotions, much like an orgasm.


Works with the crown Chakra.brins good fortune asn assists in foretelling the future. enhanches intution promotes vast inpirations, brings sucess to business matters and in love. Offers prot ection when on land and sea. Excellent stone for meditation and understanding ones elf deeper an more clearly. The strongest benefits are reached when using in the midst of a full moon. Said to re-unite lovers and balances hormones and functions of the pineal gland. Found naturally in Sir Lanka, Burma, India, Madagascar, The duller apperance of this stone originates from Canada.

the clearer type is jewelry top quality moonstone


Often nicknamed "fools gold" Pyrite the name comes from a greek word meaning " stone in which strikes fire" forms between two flat layers of coal and slate. which formed 350 million years ago! deep in coal mines in Illinois USA. used a a great energy sheild blocking out negitivity. helps overcome feelings of inadequacy and allows for good blood flow stimulates the ciculatory system and good for overall fatigue.


sought after for inner peace. this stone may be confused with Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite has white calcite and flecks of pyrite usually very small. most in Brazil. stimulates endurance an inner strength. Harmonizes ones inner mind, subconcious and concious. allows for luck for a writer's success. also good for improving communication skills.


This cross shaped inclusioned stone has black to brownish tones the cross shape itself is actually naturally forming graphite. a true miracle of nature. this stone found forming naturally in USA California Nevada, Canada, Russia, Spain,and Brazil.

Transmits conflict into harmony and disspells negitive engeries and thoughts. used for protection, and helps strengthen all the Chakras. helps overcome depression, feelings of isolation, loneliness. this stones when used with others enhances the healing properties of other stones as well. sought after for use with gateways to mysteries and out of body experiences and travels.

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