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Loose Hairs

By Brooke McGibben, 2012-09-06

I have a ton of loose hairs underneath some of may dreads and some are about an in and a half when I wear my hair up they stick out what can i do to fix that also where my hair isn't dreaded near the root it some of my dreads are thin I have pictures of a few like that and as they grow im wondering that they'll start falling out. I also posted some pictures of the loose hairs you can kinda see them.

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Thanks...but no thanks.

By RSavage26, 2012-09-06
So... just came back from the salon to pick up my sister. The place is owned by a nice woman who used to do my hair until I went natural. I know she's well meaning, but every time she sees my hair, like many other people I encounter, she can't understand why I'm just letting it be. She sees loops and bumps and wonders why would I let my nice hair just go like that?Well, here's why. What I've realized over the years going from relaxer to natural to freeforming is that my hair doesn't like to be messed with. When I tried to get my hair interlocked, sure it was more orderly and "neater", but did it fit me as a person? No. A lot of people I meet seem to feel that locs are either a) dangerous b) deviant or c) disgusting, especially if you are not getting them regularly retwisted and maintained. I wish I could have told her the dangers of retwisting and interlocking (I was lucky to not get my hair or scalp damaged because I took them out).Dreadlocks are seen as something that needs to be tamed, controlled, and 'kept in there place'. Why? I like letting my locs grow and shrink, bump and grind, and find their own way. Does it take longer? No doubt. But it has given me a feeling of self-confidence that I have not felt in years. Ideally, I wouldn't trade that of anything.
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start natural dread process

By MUSS, 2012-09-06
if i kept my hair in a bun.. will it eventually dread?
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First Time Washing!

By Kyle Adams, 2012-09-05
I just washed my dreads for the first time! They are currently 16 days old. I didn't get to do the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse though because I didn't have any... But they look just fine. :)
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No Doubt.

By Marlee Batchelder, 2012-09-05

Today was a little rough. I had two confrontations about dreading my hair. One was from a cousin, with whom i have been extremely close for a very long time. She expressed genuine disapproval of my decision and told me that she loved my hair the way it was and wished I weren't changing it. She's not the first person who hasn't been fond of the idea, but because of the importance of my relationship with her, the concern was more troubling coming from her. No one wants their friends to disagree with their decisions. But, I told her exactly what I've told other people. It's not her hair, it's not her choice. I value her opinion, but at the end of the day, it's something I have to live with, and something I DO want. Very badly, asI'm discovering.

Another confrontation was from my dad. He has been gone for 2 weeks and is coming home tomorrow. I started to naturally let my hair dread while he was away. He also was unimpressed with my decision, andbasically expressed his concern that people will think of me differently, and that it will say something bad about me. But I am choosing to take an Aristotilian view on this skepticism about my decision, and amdismissing it. Aristotle believed that if someone was skeptical of his work, it was simply because they were not designed to understand it, similar to how the deaf were not designed to listen to music, and the colorblind could not possibly understand (to a full extent) the difference between blue and red. It very well may be hopeless to try to get Dad to understand why I'm making this choice, and I'm ok with that. Convincing him of my choice is not crutial in any way to me making it.

I was told that dreads teach you lessons, a major one being patience. But, I've only been dreading for about a week or so and they've already taught me something different. Respect for myself, for my decisions, for who I am and who I want to be. They are teaching me to believe in myself. To believe in the power of my mind and my body, and my will.

For a while, I was a little uncertain about dreading my hair. Then I started, and wondered if Dad would tell me to stop and if so- how would I respond? I wasn't sure what the answer to that question may be. But I know now. Nothing and no one can change my mind, nothing will stop me. No comment from friends, no threat from my father. This decision is mine. I make it for myself. Not in spite of anyone, and not for anyone else. This is for me.

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One month down

By Kyle Smith, 2012-09-03

Hey yall! I just wanted to post some things about my one month of dreading!! Ok so here are a few things that have changed with my dreadies. First off they have gotten loose alot altho some are still kinda tight. My roots are getting pretty long from my TnR falling out but not a big deal. All in all they are doing everything you would expect dreadies at a month would do.

Ok now to the scalp.

I have had dandriff and what not my whole life but i guess with normal hair i didnt notice it as much. I had tryed BS/ACV and my ratio was wayyy off haha! So that left me with alot of extra bs that never got washed out of my hair and left me with some narly dandriff! No fret here tho after a few washes I got under control. Now just reg dandriff problems wich i intend to fix as well.

I really glad I took on the dreadhead challenge. Love to all.

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Dreadlocks and a career in elementary/secondary education

By Tinks, 2012-09-03

I want to be a teacher but wish I could start dreadlocks...I don't know where this would be acceptable. Maybe alternative career options...I'm starting to regret my career choice

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Can I wash my dreads with this?

By Analia Rasta, 2012-09-02

I went everywhere looking for Dr.Bronner's and couldn't find it! This is the only thing I found that has some of the ingredients that bronners has. Can I wash my dreads with this? They're 5 months! It says "organic" also says remove residue with a warm towel does that work?

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compliments from strangers ;)

By Ixchel, 2012-08-31

Some lady at the mall yesterday said she loved my hair yes she said hair, they aren't identifiable as dreads yet but my husband laughed because they are in an "in between" state & actually looking like i haven't been brushing every morning now. pretty freakin frizzy & poofy & i'm sure driving with the windows down & not looking in the mirror didn't do them much favors :) Squee! Love my baby dreads!

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Self-hate is a shameful thing.

By RSavage26, 2012-08-30

So I was checking my e-mail and I came upon this petition:

Hampton University's Business School: Stop Hampton University Business School's Ban on Locks, & Cornrows

This is a HBCU. A place where you would think there would be more support for Black students and yet look at how they dump on locks and cornrows. It is disgusting how these schools (in general, not just HBCU) exist not to help people understand the world and make a positive contribution to it but rather to create more mangers and politicians. Apparently Corporate American can't tolerate any deviation from the Eurocentric "norm".

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