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One month down

By Kyle Smith, 2012-09-03

Hey yall! I just wanted to post some things about my one month of dreading!! Ok so here are a few things that have changed with my dreadies. First off they have gotten loose alot altho some are still kinda tight. My roots are getting pretty long from my TnR falling out but not a big deal. All in all they are doing everything you would expect dreadies at a month would do.

Ok now to the scalp.

I have had dandriff and what not my whole life but i guess with normal hair i didnt notice it as much. I had tryed BS/ACV and my ratio was wayyy off haha! So that left me with alot of extra bs that never got washed out of my hair and left me with some narly dandriff! No fret here tho after a few washes I got under control. Now just reg dandriff problems wich i intend to fix as well.

I really glad I took on the dreadhead challenge. Love to all.

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Dreadlocks and a career in elementary/secondary education

By Tinks, 2012-09-03

I want to be a teacher but wish I could start dreadlocks...I don't know where this would be acceptable. Maybe alternative career options...I'm starting to regret my career choice

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Can I wash my dreads with this?

By Analia Rasta, 2012-09-02

I went everywhere looking for Dr.Bronner's and couldn't find it! This is the only thing I found that has some of the ingredients that bronners has. Can I wash my dreads with this? They're 5 months! It says "organic" also says remove residue with a warm towel does that work?

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compliments from strangers ;)

By Ixchel, 2012-08-31

Some lady at the mall yesterday said she loved my hair yes she said hair, they aren't identifiable as dreads yet but my husband laughed because they are in an "in between" state & actually looking like i haven't been brushing every morning now. pretty freakin frizzy & poofy & i'm sure driving with the windows down & not looking in the mirror didn't do them much favors :) Squee! Love my baby dreads!

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Self-hate is a shameful thing.

By RSavage26, 2012-08-30

So I was checking my e-mail and I came upon this petition:

Hampton University's Business School: Stop Hampton University Business School's Ban on Locks, & Cornrows

This is a HBCU. A place where you would think there would be more support for Black students and yet look at how they dump on locks and cornrows. It is disgusting how these schools (in general, not just HBCU) exist not to help people understand the world and make a positive contribution to it but rather to create more mangers and politicians. Apparently Corporate American can't tolerate any deviation from the Eurocentric "norm".

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Day 1...Again

By Marlee Batchelder, 2012-08-29

Alright. I'm going to do it. Today is technically day 2 of not brushing but day 1 of consciously not brushing. I have had the 3 I backcombed for almost 3 weeks, but after I took the rubber bands out they began to unknot a little and loosen up. I am going to let them do their thing though. They can figureit out naturally, along with the rest of my head.The only thing that backcombing/rubber bands did was speed up the process, but I'm afraid that if I try to do that, then I will miss out on so much of the experience of letting my hair dread. I figured that if I've been spending this much time thinking about dreading, then thats probably a sign that I'm ready. I was going to wait a little while to be absolutley sure, but I know that if I wait 2 or 4 or 6 months I will still want to, so I might as well get started now. I'm going to let my hair naturally dread, since that seems to obviously be the best way. (any one catch the oxymoron there?) I plan to wash my hair every 4 days-1 week, and am going to use a residue-free neutrogena shampoo until i can get my hands on the ingredients to make my own wonderful concoction with which to wash my hair/dreads. As I understand, to naturall dread my hair, besides slightly lengthening the time between washes (currently 3-4 days- I don't wash my hair super often anyway, so it won't be a drastic change for me), there really isnt that much else to letting it naturally dread. Besides not brushing my hair, clearly. I think/hope it will still be ok for me to wear my hair in a bun several days of the week, as I do now. If not I'd love someone to tell me so. Other than have my hair look like a crazy mess until the dreads form and organize, I have no reservations about taking this plunge. Worst case scenario-I decide I don't want them anymore. In which case, if I'm too far along to brush them out,it is already on my bucket list to shave my head, so that deciding I don't want dreads anymore might not be that bad of a scenario.

Well, here I go! Can't wait for all the lessons and experiences this journey will bring : )

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Day Three (Or Four)

By divinedebris, 2012-08-29

This is day three (or four, I already don't remember). I'm going 100% natural. Is it already a little hard? Yes. But that's part of it.

Hard to not hold myself prisoner in front of the mirror. Hard to not ask stupid, self-deprecating questions. Hard to not worry about what others think. Hard to not bust out the brushes and wax and freezing sprays, and just arm myself with my familiar, tried-and-true crest. Hard, too, to not give to my initial desire to use a starter method, so at least I can say, "Look, see, I'm starting dreads."

But letting one's hair lock is exactly that: letting. Allowing. It is hardly just another hair style. I do believe it is a life style, as many others have said; to quote another: "a stance we take in relation to life." An embodiment of simplicity, real beauty, real freedom, and letting what is flourish, within the larger embodiment of these things in all aspects of one's life. This is not to say that dreadlocks make or break anything; a person can live a fine example of these things without them. But dreads do seem a sort of natural occurrence in many who have chosen to shift.

And that is what I'm after. A genuine shift. This is just one aspect of a greater healing process that I'm in, that I'm committing to, as difficult as it is.

You don't really start dreads; it's more like you stop a lot of other stuff.

Do I wish that, right now, I had long gorgeous gnarly locks, rather than this six inches of uncombed curly mop on my head? Of course. But if I had them right now, I wouldn't have much...

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Day 19

By Marlee Batchelder, 2012-08-29

So my 3 dreads that i backcombed have started to un-knot a little and I'm ok with that. I'm just going to let them naturally dread and go at their own pace.

I'm still thinking about doing the rest of my head. I'm a little scared though. I will convince myself that I want to then have even the slightest shade of doubt and wonder how valid those doubts are. I keep telling myself that I can always start dreading later on but ifI start before I'm sure than there's not really any taking that back. But when I'm thinking I do want to do it, I REALLY want to do it. I wonder why I haven't started already. I think that dreads are beautiful but I also think that my hair is beautiful the way it is now. Any advice? (besides "just do it" haha)

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Strait and arrow

By exportLOVE, 2012-08-28

So I am starting my first ever set of dreads :) So far I am LOVING IT. I had a few twist and rips at the nape of my neck but took them out because I wanted it to be an even steven playing field all across my head.

So anyways, I have watched a ton of videos on youtube about other's dreadlock journeys but not many have strait hair like I do. I am just curious to find my other fellow strait hair neglect dreadlock peeps out there! I would like to know when they really started to notice a change in their hair. I know change isn't going to happen over night but honestly I never really brushed my hair much before I decided I wanted dreadlocks and my hair did absolutely fine. Stick strait fine hair. That's a lie it isn't stick strait it has a bit of wave.

I love that it is teaching me patience if nothing else. Everyone could use a bit more patience :)

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Week 4

By Mama Kat, 2012-08-28

I'm into week 4 of my dreadie journey...I'm loving it!!! I feel so free!!! My husband sat and played with/helped separate my hair for over an hour yesterday, that has never happened & we've been together nearly 10 years!!! My kiddos all love my hair, the youngest likes to grab one lock (because yes, they are most definitely locking up!!!) and TUG...luckily I don't have a very tender head =D

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