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"Compliments IRL" by Mrs. Spivey

By SimpleSpiveys, 2014-01-12

This is referring to anywhere outside of this community. I appreciate all the love you give us here.

When we were "straight haired" strangers(usually women) would be in awe of the Mr's hair. Touching it, wishing they had it, braiding it even. He grew his hair for 3 years or more and it had a slight ombre and wasn't damaged, it was sooo long. I thought I got used to him getting compliments all the time. I didn't.

In the first month, Mr. Spivey got his first compliment from a motorcycle rider while we were on the scooter(before we got helmets). It was "I like your hair, man" and I'm sitting there like 'mine just looks like a barely knotted mess, it's cool... it doesn't look like I've got anything going on yet, i forgive you '

It has happened like 5 times now, and today my extended family just noticed I have some dreads in the back and inquired so I dreaducated em. Nobody ever thinks you can wash dreads for some reason.

a few days ago, we were on omegle and a guy pops up from the UK. Says "I like your hair, It looks cool" I said thanks and then he clarified that the compliment was not for me :( I skipped him for that.

Maybe one day I'll be the one getting compliments, but until then, he's getting enough for both of us. It's pretty funny when your husband has better looking hair, straight and dreaded. :P

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Dreads and energy

By Evelyn Maes, 2014-01-12

Hi everyone

I wanted to talk about something that was keeping my mind buzzy. I got my dreads in 2011 so now 3 years later a lot happened. For some reason i had the feeling this new year would bring a new start to me, little did i know what that might hold. Suddenly, i felt it, it's hard to explain but somehow it feels like dreads hold energy. For me this was heavy energy from the past 3 years, everything i have been trought felt like it was somehow still with my. It felt like i had to let it go... So with a lot of courage i started to comb my dreads out. It was a quit emotional time and it took me 3 days to complete. So there i was, somehow released on one hand, a bit saddened on the other. Letting go something i cared so much about for a few years, see them grow and develop, cherished them. It was quit intense it still it saddens me a bit but somehow it felt like the right choice to make. I don't know if i ever will have dreads again. They were a quit interesting journey to me and learned me a lot.

So here is my last picture i took on the day i started combing...

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advice on beginning my journey please

By Cody4, 2014-01-12

I have been growing my hair out for about a year and a half. I will have to upload pics later. I have somewhat thin straight/wavy hair. Even when i condition my hair starts to tangle and such. I want to start my dreads as natural as possible, but i would also like them to look as clean and neat as possible as well. I almost ordered the kit from dreadheadhq until finding this site. Not sure where to start. ok i had these pics available. When i say tangle i mean trying to finger comb it pulls at my hair perty good. thanks for the help brothers and sisters!

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Just about 6 months...

By Maria Tyler, 2014-01-11

Wow. Things are looking pretty crazy! TONS of bumps and twists and knots -- way cool.

Method: natural/neglect. Never did anything else except separate (and do that much less often now that the dreads are taking form.) Wash with soap daily, and do a BS/ACV rinse about once a week. Hair is sooooo soft. I love it!

Started with waist-length hair. It's now just half-way down my back.

Question: What comes next? Do the dreads get thicker? Do the crazy turny-turns in my hair do something different, like knot up? Just wondering :-)

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!

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Cleaning up

By NoraMalgosia, 2014-01-10

This evening I took out al my little wooldreads and ropes. Maybe I will take out all de beads ands stuff too for the time being. Just to tidy up and see the natural side of my ropeys. Dunno yet

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Freeformin. Day one

By Vincent Cleveland2, 2014-01-09

So upon, some kinda fate or something, I have decided to stop retwisting my dreads. My loctician was great and she never did any harm to me, but now she has moved into another state and I was retwisting on my own for a while. After joining this site again (I was a member once before), I realize that I always wanted free, strong, uncontrolled dreads, but I kept being told that I have to make them look better by retwisting and such. Today I have made the choice to stop and just let these babies do what they do. I'm nervous about this because I'm making a lot of changes in my life that might make keeping them all natural a difficult task. Can anyone offer any support/tips? I really want to start this journey off right. Let me know what you think. Thanks and blessings to all of you.

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My Dread Journey (Day One to Month Two Progress)

By Meeoko, 2014-01-05

Okay, let's do this!! Blogging - yeah man! Woo!

So, I started my dread journey on 5th January 2014.

I had originally had locks for about five months prior to this but (stupidly) had gotten bored of them, taken them out and then immediately missed them. Because the first time round I had done the T&R technique, I wasn't so sure that the way the locks had formed were for me. I've seen lots of beautiful pictures of women with neglect locks and I loved how their dreads still looked a lot of my normal non-dreaded hair whilst maintaining that gorgeous dreaded look to.

So, I tried my luck with the neglect method and this blog is to show my progress as they begin to mature.


Firstly, here's my natural hair as I started out on day one.


Okay so I haven't brushed or shampoo'd my hair for a whole week now and my hair is starting to seperate itself into sections. Not a great photo but you can see at the ends that the hair is starting to come together.

There's already a little bit of knotting going on beneath my neck because I sleep on my back, but haven't needed to do any separating yet. So far just happy to sit back and let them do their thing.


So I've made it to the full month mark! My hairy babies are now one month old.

As you can see I've now got quite a bit of definition in my sections of hair, aside from on the underside of my head on the right hand side which isn't really doing anything at the moment particularly. I'm washing my dreads once, maybe twice a week and am also using salt washes twice a week between that.

Luckily I have quite knotty hair as it is so things are starting to tangle up rather quickly. Having to separate them twice a day now as my hairy babies are all determined to congo already! :P

And here's the underside.


Okay, so here are my hairy babies at the two month mark. Hooray!

Starting to see more definition in the sections as the hairs start joining up and trying to congo but this isn't reflected that well in the photo because the frizz has also started to get a bit mental.

So lots of frizz going on, still seperating twice a day to make sure they don't all blend together though only washing them about once a week now and only doing salt washes perhaps once every two weeks. I should probably get back to doing that....

A few sections are starting to loop and go lumpy, which is awesome and they're beginning to develop their own little personalities. Here's hoping to see more interesting loopies and zig-zags in the months to come!

Starting to see some cool lumps and bumps as my babies dread up

So the goal now is to reach the three month mark and see what happens next! I love seeing the weird and wonderful new things my dreads have been doing step by step so looking forward to the next stage!

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First day on this site

By Mauro Duran, 2014-01-04
So ive had my dreads for for around 4-5 months now and ive been wandering when should i give the acv wash a try. My dreadings been going great but everywhere i go people seem to love it yet some say it can damage your hair. I simiply dont want to damage it any further since backcombing gave me some crazy split ends
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Are my dreads ever going to lock?

By Ana2, 2014-01-02

So I've been dreading for about 20 MONTHS NOW ..and I feel like I did something wrong. I look at pictures online of people who have been dreading for 10-15 months and their locks look great, some even perfect. So why are mine taking forever? I told myself I was gonna wait as long as I had to, and I am a patient person. However, my folks have been bothering me left and right sayin' they're not going to lock, and that's its been more than a year so to cut them off. Let me say this, when I first started them, I used the twist and rip method, and some backcombing, no wax, no products. All natural. I haven't touched them in 15 months, I kinda just let them do their own thing. So what's up? Why are they taking forever? Am I doing something wrong? ...I wash with acv and tea tree and some lemon for the flakes ...another reason why my folks told me to cut them off is because ever since I got em, I've developed some bad dandruff on my scalp and it's pretty nasty. That's why I wash 3 times a week.

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Dreadlock Moisturizer

By Kayla4, 2013-12-31

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good dreadlock moisturizer or what I could do to make my own? It's very dry where I live and I have been using diluted (with water) coconut oil that was working over the summer and fall but now that it has gotten so dry it doesn't seem to work anymore.

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