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Thank you guys so much! :)

By Jay TRAIN INSANE!, 2013-12-29

Wow ive only been here a day and ive learned SOO much already! You guys are so awesome here :) Thanks again Soaring Eagle and Baba Fats:) Goodnight all

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its been awhile

By Salem Haley, 2013-12-17

hey! Its actually been a very long time since I've been on this. (tried to go a couple months with not using technology, only here & there). BUT I am already going on my 5th month of natural free form dreading! last time I was on here it was only 1 month. My hair feels free, I feel great. I always get negative & positive feedback. I've had people tell me to cut off all my hair, I've had people tell me they're just excited to see my progress. I have a bunch of fat big dreads, to little lumpy ones. My hair has shrunk SO MUCH. My hair first starting was almost down my back. Now it is up to my shoulders.Such a big difference. Really have to thank this site for all the information and tips and answers to questions. I'll definitely post some pictures up soon. Also wanna wish everyone a blessed holiday.

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7 months

By Dine' Candy, 2013-12-15
The only thing so far that I don't like about my dreads is that they shrunk :( but other than that they're dope AF! Locking up really well. There was a time there when I hated them... Now I can't stop touching them.
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Update 18 mos

By ginger.rose, 2013-12-05

Just checking in, because I haven't been able to look at this site in an age Missing the community. My knots are coming along slowly, but surely -- I think I have about 10-20 knotting up now (maybe more?), and a few are noticeable, but the only person commenting so far is my mother-in-law, haha She asked if it was a braid, and I told her it was "an experiment" Not satisfied with that answer, she asked if she could touch it, and I said it was knots. I'm sure she'll ask me about my knots every time she sees me now ;)

I'll put some photos up eventually, but there's still not much to see from a distance. I have 3 in the front/center, but most of the others are hidden in the back underneath. Not bad for 18 months! haha.

I'm honestly glad they are taking so long sometimes I think last year would not have been a good time for a head full of knots. This year will be stellar.

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Help!! I found lice!

By Ashley Lewis, 2013-12-02
I read some of the things to do with dreads and lice. So today I got some neem oil, 70% alcohol and Saran Wrap. I have all types if essential oils. Just wondering when I put the neem oil into shampoo how much should I be putting? And does it have to be a special kind of neem oil I just got some from a plant store. And then after I do the alcohol for 30 mintues I rinse it and then do my shampoo with neem oil and rinse. Then I do the apple cider vinegar full strength does that mean straight acv with no water? Also should I be putting my essential oils in shampoo neem oil mixture and acv?
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Pros and Cons

By Shaggy NSkooby, 2013-11-30

hey i want to make a thread for everyone about the pros and cons of dreads so feel free to add anything you have noticed that I havent posted up in this thread. so here goes.


- dreads look awesome

-no need to brush your hair

-no need for harsh chemical shampoos and conditioners that probably arent to environmentally friendly or sustainable anyways

-if your not in the mood to deal with your hair just wear a wool tam


-dread itch

-possibility of residue buildup

-the stereotypes about dreads

- the amount of time it takes for dreads to mature

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Sad, but hanging in there...

By Kerry LoCo, 2013-11-29

Journey is 9 months plus now, backcomb with wax at the beginning but the wax is gone. I wash my hair with BS/ACV once a week and just plain water the rest of the time. I do separate the strands often. I see progress but my husband doesn't.

We are seeing his family tomorrow for a mini-reunion and he asked me this morning if I was going to fix my hair before then. I don't know how to describe the blank look he gives me when I tell him that there really is no "fixing" it. I can not only see the progress, but I can feel it all over. I guess because my hair was always so "neat" that he's having a hard time with this.

I'm dreading tomorrow (hah, pun not intended). Last time we saw some bonus relations (not blood, but marriage), a couple of girls close to my daughter's age made some snide comments about my hair where she could overhear. She's not disposed to liking those girls anyway (preppy/snobby) and this didn't help any. I told her that mean kids are always mean and just don't let it get to her. Kids at her school know about me & my hair - dreads are no big deal there, they just think it's amusing because I'm white and that goes against stereotype.

This time around, it will be my husband's mother & sdad, his sister and her husband, and most likely his brother and family. I'm sure it's all gone around the grapevine what I have done and they've gossiped. I don't want my husband's feelings hurt and I definitely don't want to put up with mean people crap.

Oh well, I'm an adult and I'm going to act like one. Just smile and be friendly and if they do say something to my face, remind them that I am old enough to do what I want with my own hair. LOL

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By anyssa perez, 2013-11-27

would anyone reccomend using aloe vera in dreads? I heard it sticks loose hairs together and is safe because it is all natural. My hair is naturally straight. My dreads are two months and theres still straight hair everywhere :/

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hairdryer or natural?

By Amanda Esp, 2013-11-21
Ok so id like to wash my hair today but it's really rainy. My hair is by my buttocks and will take extremely long to dry. I also trying to treat dandruff so I don't want them remain wet for too long. My locks are only 2 weeks old I did tnr. Do I wash and blow dry although the heat I've heard causes open pores and hair loss or just stick it out n Wait for a warm day?
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By YU, 2013-11-16

HI. I've been wanting dreads for a long time so i decided i would try it out. i decided i wanted to do the neglect method.

For about 1 month i washed my hair with just normal shampoo, no conditioner, and i didn't brush my hair at all. my hair is naturally really straight and after the first month nothing really changed other than a few tangles in my nape. I became a little skeptical about the neglect method with my really straight hair so i asked my girlfriend to do a twist and rip dread just to see how it would turn out. after a day the root slowly started to come undone and after another day the whole t&r dread fell out.

After a while i came across this website which was very helpful i decided to try the shampoo they recommended from I have only washed my hair 3 times so far since i got it (once every 2-3 days) and from what it seems its helping my tangles in my nape turn into baby dreads. but other than that all my other hair is still pretty straight and not really tangling at all compared to the other pictures i see on this website (for 1 months time).

I just washed my hair this morning with the shampoo and this is how it looks as of now.

please help me!!!!!!!

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