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"Compliments IRL" by Mrs. Spivey

user image 2014-01-12
By: SimpleSpiveys
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This is referring to anywhere outside of this community. I appreciate all the love you give us here.

When we were "straight haired" strangers(usually women) would be in awe of the Mr's hair. Touching it, wishing they had it, braiding it even. He grew his hair for 3 years or more and it had a slight ombre and wasn't damaged, it was sooo long. I thought I got used to him getting compliments all the time. I didn't.

In the first month, Mr. Spivey got his first compliment from a motorcycle rider while we were on the scooter(before we got helmets). It was "I like your hair, man" and I'm sitting there like 'mine just looks like a barely knotted mess, it's cool... it doesn't look like I've got anything going on yet, i forgive you '

It has happened like 5 times now, and today my extended family just noticed I have some dreads in the back and inquired so I dreaducated em. Nobody ever thinks you can wash dreads for some reason.

a few days ago, we were on omegle and a guy pops up from the UK. Says "I like your hair, It looks cool" I said thanks and then he clarified that the compliment was not for me :( I skipped him for that.

Maybe one day I'll be the one getting compliments, but until then, he's getting enough for both of us. It's pretty funny when your husband has better looking hair, straight and dreaded. :P

Jamison Johnston3
01/18/14 01:56:35PM @jamison-johnston3:
Haha wow i could see how that would be frustrating.

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