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How to start off on natural dreads

By: Nevada Gunn
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Hi, I just joined this site and was wondering if anyone out there could give me suggestions on how I should start off; I am clueless but have been reading things on here which has helped ALOT and making me excited to do the natural way on my own rather than a salon.My hair is meduim curly hair. Should I comb after I wash or at all; Do I use specific shampoo(s); NEVER leave it in a bun or pony tail; is there teasing that should be done; should I leave it down the whole time during the first few weeks; could I put beads in them in the first month; do I keep my hair away from all products; I have so much questions but Ill leave it at that, any pointers are welcomed and appreciated. Also, I don't know anyone with dreadlocks because I live where they are not very popular so I need all the help I can get. Planning on starting as soon as I think I know enough to get started.

Mighty Gorgon
02/04/14 09:52:54AM @mighty-gorgon:

Seems like i wrote a typo there. I meant don't wear them up when wet :D I'm sure you figured it out!

Nevada Gunn
02/03/14 04:08:01PM @nevada-gunn:

thanks guise:).

your words of wisdom has helped me on my journey; on Day 11 so far looking like a bunch of non combed curly hair

Mighty Gorgon
02/02/14 01:58:43PM @mighty-gorgon:

Natural way is the easiest of all! Just stop combing. It is important however to use a soap that doesn't leave residue in your hair. It is possible to remove the residues if you ever get some with baking soda washes.

I have been wearing my neglect dreads in a bun quite a lot. Especially when I started them. It just meant more separating. I always tie my dreads when I'm at work so I don't see any problem with it. Just wear them down as often as you can but never when they're wet. They will start to stink if you don't let them dry properly.

Have a great journey! :)

Abby lamar
02/01/14 08:53:47PM @abby-lamar:

i say go for it!:) throw away your brush and conditioner and dont look in the mirror for awhile lol, ive been doing the natural thing for two months and i look like shit...which i think is a good thing:)

Jamison Johnston3
01/28/14 01:12:03PM @jamison-johnston3:
Also let your hair down as much as you can

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/23/14 01:09:41AM @soaring-eagle:

throw away the comb and the conditioners wash with a dread shampoo or the baking soda recipe thats it

no teasing no products no nothing just leave it alone

leave it down and free as much as you can

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