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Freeformin. Day one

user image 2014-01-09
By: Vincent Cleveland2
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So upon, some kinda fate or something, I have decided to stop retwisting my dreads. My loctician was great and she never did any harm to me, but now she has moved into another state and I was retwisting on my own for a while. After joining this site again (I was a member once before), I realize that I always wanted free, strong, uncontrolled dreads, but I kept being told that I have to make them look better by retwisting and such. Today I have made the choice to stop and just let these babies do what they do. I'm nervous about this because I'm making a lot of changes in my life that might make keeping them all natural a difficult task. Can anyone offer any support/tips? I really want to start this journey off right. Let me know what you think. Thanks and blessings to all of you.

01/13/14 12:26:42AM @gingerrose:
Don't let other people talk you off your path. If it gets crazy for a while, stick with it, and the reward will show later. Good luck.Oh, and you may want to dig deep into these forums for care tips for your hair type -- all sorts of questions have been asked and answered (and you can always ask more!)

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