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Has anyone gotten the question...

user image 2014-02-09
By: interrstella
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Along the lines of "are you dreading your hair" and your respond with something along the lines of "Yes, I am LETTING my hair dread," and their all o.O
della richardson
02/22/14 08:39:17PM @della-richardson:
i dont like when people ask am i "dreadind" my hair..bc i dont dread my hair ~ i luv it! i always respond i hav locs bc people believe mine are fake. i honestly dont know how the diff ethnic bckgrounds play a part,( i am black) bc i dont use an chemicals or heat or anything really in my hair it doesnt require to be washed very hair has no smell unless i use some oil on it and is extremely soft and beautiful

02/10/14 09:16:41PM @naturaldreads01:

and when I say people tell me I would look good with locks, they are saying that with no prior knowledge of me naturally locking my hair.

02/10/14 09:15:04PM @naturaldreads01:

hehe, I get this question sometimes.. The really weird thing is, is when people tell me I would look good with locks, and I'm all like "I'm trying to get them" lol.. Part of the time I say it, and part of the time I just think it, but sometimes I wonder what the other person is thinking when I say that lol. some people are pretty ignorant about dreadlocks, so I am sure it may seem a bit questionable to some people haha.

02/10/14 11:01:15AM @interrstella:
Oh I have been getting quite a few compliments so far, but before I tossed my brush I really only used it once a week anyway so my twist n rip guys actually seem more tame than my brushed mane (even though they're very crazy right now hah).I've been having fun with the conversations so far except one of my coworkers insisting that they will stink even though I kept explaining that the cleaner the hair the better the knots, and another co worker who is African American kept ranting about how his cousin had to used bees wax so I needed to, and that's when I again brought up that I'm just LETTING it dread. After that point I just dropped the subject, but most people when I say that their interest is peaked, and some are even like "oh yeah, if I didn't brush my hair that would happen in a heart beat" hah

02/09/14 09:01:17PM @simplespiveys:
The confusion on their faces is priceless :P Then I usually try and explain how it happens naturally. I got asked this a few days ago but the sentence ended with "I like that" so apparently she wasn't that perplexed. This friend of a fiance of a family member was actually the one who said "If no one had invented hair brushes, we might all be free to be knotty". She took the words outta my mouth. We hope you get lotsa compliments instead of confused looks.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/09/14 06:49:04PM @soaring-eagle:

i get "howed u do that" alot i reply..i didnt it just happened and they cant seem to grasp the concept

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