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Where to get good dreads near Clarion, PA

By Tyler Silka, 2014-02-10

I'm looking for a place where I can get dreads for the first time. I have thick hair and its auburn. Thanks

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Has anyone gotten the question...

By interrstella, 2014-02-09
Along the lines of "are you dreading your hair" and your respond with something along the lines of "Yes, I am LETTING my hair dread," and their all o.O
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By Montrel NappyBoi Freeman, 2014-02-07
Do anyone know how to upload pic on here i want to show my dreads and my jouney off # Nappy Boi
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Just a little bragging

By interrstella, 2014-02-06
So, to start all the people I work with and the regulars I serve keep asking me if I did something to my hair and that they really like it :)Second, today I tried and succeeded in tying my hair up with my own hairYayay thanks /rant
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Got my first compliment in person, awesome - by Mrs. Spivey

By SimpleSpiveys, 2014-02-05
Up until 6 months deep, anyone that saw my hair in person didn't know what was going on with it. I got a lot of "did you just wake up?", "Nice Bedhead, it looks good on you", and the awesome "Been getting busy I see". No. I just don't brush...So I was in a thrift store, and a man passed me from behind mumbling " I like your dreads". The music was loud so It took me a few seconds to compute. I just smiled at him and then I realized I got a positive response from a guy with a low cut and I wanted to say thank you but he was working in the back room by that time.Then, it happened again a week later, this time from a cashier with super long twist method dreads. I made sure to tell him I appreciate the compliment. It is nice to get compliments and not harsh words from people of different backgrounds and professions. I never want to offend anyone with my hair and unfortunately in our 2nd month (I had no dreads yet)but somehow managed to. Someone hiding behind the internet said " gtfo with your sh*tty white dreads" on our blog. My response was simply "no" because they wouldn't have been worth dreaducating.I'm believe hatred only breeds more hatred, and I try to stay away from it but sometimes it cannot be helped.So If your dreads are looking too funky for your liking, dont give up cause one day when you least expect it, they will grow on you (literally) and look awesome. Remember, it's all about the journey, not the destination.
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A knotty head looking for some natural help

By interrstella, 2014-01-30
Over the past two months I've been riding myself of all the useless products that have been cluttering our bathroom. I switch to a no poo hair care system, using only honey "shampoo" which is only I part honey, dissolved into 2 parts warm water. Over the past 2 weeks I did switch back to a lush soap bar I had been given over the holidays because the honey shampoo has a softening and moisturizing effect. I have read through the shampoo FAQ and there are tons of information that is all over the board. I do work next to an herbal hop that sells some shampoos I will be checking there soon but I would like to know of any SLS free shampoos or herbal mixtures that are safe for me to use regularly, no just as a monthly deep cleaner.Also, can I brag on how much I love my hair right now? I have super thick curly hair. Washing it has always been such a hassle, and I don't even want to get started on the styling process. I would only brush my hair when I washed it, which was about 2-4 times a week. In those days in between I've always had "neglect" dreads start to form and a few years ago I even decided to just let my hair do what it wanted and I loved it for a while, however I was living in a hot desert with no car and was on the verge of collapsing on a regular basis when walking to work (I was walking in miles of 110+ degree weather regularly.) so at that time I cut and brushed them out :(My hair WANTS to do this and I love it so much. It's in the "crazy" stage but is by far more tame and manageable than I've ever known it to be.What's a lion without a mane? :)
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dreads coming undone

By Grace Reynoso, 2014-01-23

I so farhave had dreads for 18 days and I don't know if this is normal but the bottom of my dreads have come undone. I don't want blunt ends, but Ido want my dreads to go all the way down. what do I do?

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How to start off on natural dreads

By Nevada Gunn, 2014-01-22

Hi, I just joined this site and was wondering if anyone out there could give me suggestions on how I should start off; I am clueless but have been reading things on here which has helped ALOT and making me excited to do the natural way on my own rather than a salon.My hair is meduim curly hair. Should I comb after I wash or at all; Do I use specific shampoo(s); NEVER leave it in a bun or pony tail; is there teasing that should be done; should I leave it down the whole time during the first few weeks; could I put beads in them in the first month; do I keep my hair away from all products; I have so much questions but Ill leave it at that, any pointers are welcomed and appreciated. Also, I don't know anyone with dreadlocks because I live where they are not very popular so I need all the help I can get. Planning on starting as soon as I think I know enough to get started.

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dreadie tippies

By flowerchild, 2014-01-17

a few of myendsare blunting against my will what do I ddddooooooooo :0

pease help

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"Compliments IRL" by Mrs. Spivey

By SimpleSpiveys, 2014-01-12

This is referring to anywhere outside of this community. I appreciate all the love you give us here.

When we were "straight haired" strangers(usually women) would be in awe of the Mr's hair. Touching it, wishing they had it, braiding it even. He grew his hair for 3 years or more and it had a slight ombre and wasn't damaged, it was sooo long. I thought I got used to him getting compliments all the time. I didn't.

In the first month, Mr. Spivey got his first compliment from a motorcycle rider while we were on the scooter(before we got helmets). It was "I like your hair, man" and I'm sitting there like 'mine just looks like a barely knotted mess, it's cool... it doesn't look like I've got anything going on yet, i forgive you '

It has happened like 5 times now, and today my extended family just noticed I have some dreads in the back and inquired so I dreaducated em. Nobody ever thinks you can wash dreads for some reason.

a few days ago, we were on omegle and a guy pops up from the UK. Says "I like your hair, It looks cool" I said thanks and then he clarified that the compliment was not for me :( I skipped him for that.

Maybe one day I'll be the one getting compliments, but until then, he's getting enough for both of us. It's pretty funny when your husband has better looking hair, straight and dreaded. :P

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