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It has been some time. Time for an update

By Stephanie Krespach, 2014-07-12

Around June of last year I cut off my first set.

I did this in mourning for a dear friend of mine, a fellow dreadie who died of cancer. The dreads were in good enough condition that they were able to be made into a custom human hair wig by a friend of mine and donated to a little girl who wanted dreads but had lost her hair to chemo.

I spent a year growing my natural hair out.

Once it was a little past my shoulders, I started the second set last week. I have been off shampoo since my first set so my hair was already prepped. I did some TnR and have been leaving it alone. Sleeping in a wool tam.

That's it.

I am about three days into this new set and they are all coming undone and starting to section themselves off again. I love this part of the process. The new profile pic was taken the night I did the TnR so my second set of dreads has a birthday of 7/9/14.

I know the only reason my dreads were healthy enough to donate was because of this site and the advice I received here. I missed you guts!

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7 week old dreads

By Destiny Marcano, 2014-07-12

wow time flies! I thought they were only like 5 weeks or something..they're starting to get tighter, looking at beginning photos i can definitely see a difference. i'm only washing my hair once a week or so. I have mad loose hair hopefully that gets sucked up soon. people are now able to notice from far away that i have dreads!

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Patience, Grasshopper

By Arkynstone GypsyFae, 2014-07-12

Oh, the beautiful agony of waiting! I'm in that 'tween stage. Some have formed, some sections are still loose, starting and then loosening themselves at will. I've been so tempted to just take the sections that have yet to start knotting and use the TnR method to just have a more 'finished' look. I did put two in just to see, then wound up taking one back out because I felt I wasn't being true to my path if I started doing that to all of the still-loose sections. TnR dreads look really cool, I think, but I really want this to be a journey of letting my hair just be natural. If that means I have loose sections, then I have loose sections.

I keep reminding myself that while it feels like I've been on this journey for a while already (and it is a GOOD feeling), I have only really been at it for six and a half months. I have, at a minimum, six to twelve months before everything really gets to looking 'together'. Even then, I'm sure that my fine textured hair will still have stragglers. and if it still has loose sections beyond that point, so be it. I might have to back off of the separating a little and just let some of them be a little thicker dreads than I originally wanted and trust that nature knows best. :)

On the separation front, I know they say not to do much to your hair when its wet because it is weighed down and stretched by the water, but I've found that it's easier for me to do the bulk of my separating while in the shower. I bend forward and let my hair come forward, which allows me to see the sections. Then I just take my time and pull them apart as they appear, usually doing this step in warm to cool water, then finishing with a cold water final rinse. Seems to be working pretty well. :)

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Nine Month Dread Update! Whoo!!

By Holly Lindsey, 2014-07-03

So... Unfortunately this was the only picture I could find... my school photo haha! This was probably a couple weeks or month before.

...And nine months later

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Looks like I need to be goin to the beach and gettin' in the water...

By Amy Wilbur, 2014-06-30

So saltwater is good for locking up?

I'm about a month in and I've got baby locs..will the saltwater help them lock up more?

How do I go about washing then?

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A little under a month working on my dreads...just need some advice

By Amy Wilbur, 2014-06-27

So I'm a little under a month into dreading my hair...

My hair is about half way down my back (I'm 5'3") and I'm letting my dreads develop naturally. I use Dr. Bronner's (diluted 12:1) to wash my hair about every other day.

I sleep with my hair down and when I'm driving I have all my windows down to try and knot up my hair :)

My hair looks great, I love it. I have one pretty good dread starting to develop and I have one T&R dread that I made just to compare the maturation rate.

So my questions are...

1. I live near the PA/DE line and summer is starting to roll in. My hair is making me very hot so I've been just doing a simple braid down my back, does this retard the dreading process?

2. I touch my hair a lot, I just love how it feels - does this do anything to the process?

3. I'm worried about the one big dread that is developing, I know I will be able to split it but should I split it now or later?

4. For the dreads that are starting to form, I was thinking of putting some string/wrapping them just so they have a little containment and can start to form into a cleaner dread...does this sound like a bad idea?

*I'm loving this process. I think my hair looks so great when it's a big 'ole mess :D

I appreciate any help!!


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Beginning my dreadventure

By Mariah Tyner, 2014-06-27

well, I'd like to begin my dread timeline on day 1. My babies are freshly twisted, counted at 42. They look silly but I can tell I'm going to love them already. I used tnr. pictures aren't the best, but hey.

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By Melissa5, 2014-06-23

Are you part of an outgoing and fun couple or family who have dreadlocks?

Does it drive you crazy when people assume that just because you or your family member has dreads you should act a certain way?

Do you want them to know that you defy the stereotype?

If so, we want to hear from you!

Eastern (Love and Hip Hop) is looking for THE NEXT TV FAMILY!

Do you think your family is more fascinating thanThe Kardashians?

Is your family authentic, hilarious, complicated, fun, loudand most importantly easy to love?

Does your family of DREAD HEADS deserve their OWN SERIES?

If so, we want to hear from you!

Please email a brief description of your family along with everyones names, ages, location, contact info and photos

We look forward to hearing from you!

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By Kat Richtman, 2014-06-23

What a great way to kick off summer! Spent the solstice camping in the outdoors and playing in a creek! We took our kids camping for the first time of their little lives, overnight at a friend's family's farm! It was so wonderful. The best part was getting to share that experience with my children. They had such a blast, makes me excited to be able to do it again. Hopefully, very soon!

Hope everyone had a great solstice and is enjoying summer in their own special ways!

On a side note I have completed week 3 of not brushing! Off into week 4 now. Posted some new pics, but haven't been able to get pics of some of my hair that is underneath that has begun to knot up nicely. Will most definitely try to get some today or tomorrow!

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