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1 MONTH <3

user image 2014-08-01
By: mishay
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Today is one months since I have had dreadlocks - to be honest even though I have short hair and my locks are really crazy I must say that I am really enjoying this dread journey. I have been adding sea salt and lemon juice to my hair to help it lock faster and I am now washing my hair every four days. - My scalp is adjusting and improving a lot! -My dreads are already starting to tighten which is AMAZING! and I am just really blessed to be able to watch this progress. I also am not using wax.

A couple things I am looking forward to is:

  1. My hair in the back to grow so that I can dread it.
  2. My dreads to get longer so that I might be able to add some extensions
  3. Watching them mature!

I guess that is about it. I will keep you all updated :D

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