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3 week old twist and rip

By Destiny Marcano, 2014-06-22

My dreads turned 3 weeks today! They're starting to lock up more, especially the dreads at the bottom of my hair. the thinner ones towards the front are taking a while, but i'm being patient. the ones at the bottom are starting to fee like rope i love it. there's still just some loose hairs around them but they're getting there!! I finally bought Dr. Bronner's castile soap, the peppermint kind. since my scalp is so sensitive and just not in a good state..the peppermint feels SO good on my scalp. I have a lot of dandruff, but I do have apple cider vinegar so I'll do a treatment on my scalp with that in a couple days and see how that goes.

In my personal life: got my nose pierced (yay!) hit my two week mark of NO RED MEAT in my vegan journey (also yay!) and I'm looking into the rastafari movement to see what that's all about and if it's something I'd like to be a part of. so we'll see!

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2 month- Twist and Rip, Freeform Timeline

By coheteia, 2014-06-20

I love looking at other people's timelines. They help to give me hope, patience and inspiration so I thought I would share my experience so far.

This is my hair before starting dreadlocks. It is naturally straight/wavy in front and naturally curly in the back.

This is my hair about 2 weeks in. It took me about 1 week to put the twist and rips in. I think I had about 150!

~I am not sure why most of the pics inserted sideways. Sorry. :(

Many of the twist and rips were falling out so I put some beads in.

At about one month most of beads had fallen out or I had taken them out because my hair was eating them. Sections in the back have started to lock up.

I decided the front sections were too small so I took out the rest of the beads and removed the twist and rips in the front. About 1/2 of my hair (the hair in the front and back) is freeform and the top/middle section is twist and rip. I have stopped expecting to have control or even predict what might happen with my hair. I am trying to be okay with that.

My hair is locking up quickly in the back. Especially on the right side. I think its the shape of my head, how I sleep or something, or possibly my hair is just curlier on that side.

I left the windows down on my car while driving around town to try and give the left side some extra movement. I have also made an effort to sleep on my left side. My hair in front still looks completely normal and unlocked. My guess is it might stay this way from looking at other peoples timelines. However, I have super thick hair which I purposely thinned on top where it was thickest, to keep the weight of my hair down, before putting in dreadlocks. Perhaps the hair in front is too short or too straight.

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By DRS, 2014-06-14

Dreadlocks show strength, and as mine grow, my psyche becomes less penetrable by negativity. Only strong winds can break an old tree, as it's roots mature. When I see someone with dreadlocks, I see a part of myself. Someone who is either transitioning into a new life, or a strong spirit. Not trying to get all preachy here, but a lot has changed in me since starting my dreads 8 months ago. I've opened up doors that were never opened. I can't imagine I'm the only one.

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1 week old

By Destiny Marcano, 2014-06-09

My dreads are one week old now! They're going through some changes, they're starting to get tighter, a couple small loops and bumps are forming here and there. my scalp is punishing me right now, so itchy and dry...I've only been washing with water, haven't had time to buy the shampoo i need but hopefully i can in a couple days. I plan on jumping in the pool again in the next couple days and then seeing what happens, I have a lot of loose hair, it's really annoying! hopefully they'll just get sucked in though..and soon. lol.

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Week 1

By Kat Richtman, 2014-06-09

I've made it to the end of week one! I was planning on taking daily pictures, but life catches you up! :)
My kids and I have been having fun! Playing outside, visiting their grandparents, bbqs!
I'm just really happy, starting to feel like my old self! :P

I have been wearing my hair up a lot, but have been changing the style everyday to keep it from getting too much together all the time. Every night I sleep with it down. Hope this will help from keeping too much getting dreaded together, but I also figure I have a while before that's an issue.

So all of my conditioner has become dedicated to untangling doll hair! Works wonderfully and this way it doesn't go to waste! Yay!

Well, I just wanted to through up a quick little progress report and blog entry! I will try to post pictures later today!!

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5,4,3,2, 1 more time.

By Destiny Marcano, 2014-06-04

I'm Destiny. This is my 3rd time around with dreads. The first time i did them completely natural. I brushed them out because my "family" did not support me and I had the words "hair" and "marriage" in the same sentence which is ridiculous. It's been a few weeks since I've left my awful marriage that used to be incredibly abusive. I have all this new found freedom to do what I want, I don't know why I didn't do it sooner...I'm liberated.

With that being said, of course the first thing I decided to do as a free woman, was to get my dreads back. I did the twist and rip this time, I'm not patient enough for full natural. I'm very excited about this life journey I'm about to embark on, I'm looking forward to the people I'll meet and the places I'll go. Talk to me! :)


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Been a long time

By Kat Richtman, 2014-06-02

So, in the early summer of 2012 I had done t&r dreads. My hair was about to my chin and I thought I would be in for the long haul. Then I found this community and thought to myself that I had started my journey off on the wrong foot by going with twist and rip.

After having my dreads for 6 months, I made the decision to brush them out and look for a job. I got a job in April of 2013. I worked there for over a year until I made the decision to quit that job, because of health issues. No job is worth my health or my family's happiness!

Now I seem to have come full circle and I miss my dreads. This time I will be starting my journey off the way I need to. I have decided to go freeform/neglect this time. Figure I am going to properly track my journey this time around as well!!
So as of June 2nd, 2014, my journey begins!

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By Cayla Phillips, 2014-06-01

So I had my second set of dreads for a little over 5 months. I've been battling with depression for years, always getting better then worse then better. Always a ride. I had a huge burst of depression and nothing would help. So I decided to brush out all my hair. I got a hair cut, only about 1 inch taken off and added some layers and still completely unhappy. Almost a month later I've slowly realized my hair wasn't making me depressed any more than anything else. So I'm off to a new start. Set 3. Off to a better journey to be even happier with myself.

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Free Form Dreadlock Reality

By Trina Sandress, 2014-05-23

Hello All,

It has been quite a while since I have came here. My life has been very busy and creative. Some ups and downs and that is life. I have been making these fabric beads that are made from recycled fabrics and many different thread colors. I thought I would share this for those who enjoy adorning their dreadlocks. And for those who do not want to color their hair but want color on them. I have also made a series of videos on how to make them as well.

I still walk through the world with people looking at me like I am an alien and I still get the rude comments. All of this makes me stronger and more convinced that being an individual and expressing myself how I want to is my prime reason for being on this earth. I hope that you all feel free to just be your self. And get outside and enjoy mother nature.

I also have some videos on how to make paper beads. I am so pro recycling. So please feel free to check out my youtube page. You can find me on youtube under the name Trina Sandress. I also have some videos based on question people have asked me about how to care for their dreadlocks.

You can find my art creations at

If any of you have any questions about their dreadlocks please let me know and I can turn it into a video.P1400625.JPGP1400633.JPG

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One month of letting my hair do what it wants to do

By Icky, 2014-05-21

Hello everyone! This is my first time contributing to the site, though I've been on here browsing for close to six months now. Today was the end of my first month of letting my hair naturally dread, and I'm here to share some pictures of my progress thus far :)

But, I'd like to share a little background first (just skip this if you don't care.) I'm currently 21 years old, two months away from being 22, and I have struggled with my self image for a long while. For about three years I my hairstyle was quite simple: long bangs that went past my chin with the rest of my head either shaven or with very short hair. I loved my hair and I felt like it was the most important, defining thing about myself. Unfortunately though both sides of my family have either very thin hair or are completely bald, and I started experiencing quite a bit of hair loss on top of my head, and on the crown of my head.So two years ago I started letting all of my hair grow out because i was afraid that if I didn't try sporting long hair now, then I'd never have the chance in my life.

I've been very unhappy with my appearance during this time, and have had very poor self esteem due to it. I was constantly trying new products that helped with hair loss, and and constantly finger combing my hair as a nervous habit. Throughout this time I've been trying my hardest to find a style that would look good and cover up my thinning hair. Eventually I decided to research dreadlocks having no idea what the process would be while simultaneously thinking I could easily make them due to how curly my hair was. I watched tons of videos of crocheting, TNR, and backcombing until I discovered this wonderful site. Seeing pictures of natural/neglect dreadlocks completely opened up my eyes!

I wasn't quite ready for the commitment when I first found this site, but last month i finally decided to make my choice. I stopped using products completely, started washing my hair with the baking soda deep cleanse with acv rinse, and mostly stopped touching my hair. I have been separating very cautiously, but I'm not 100% sure how to do it properly. My hair keeps trying to form giant clumps!

It's only been a month, but I've noticed that I haven't been too worried about how I look for the past week and a half :)

Day 1:

1 week:

2 weeks:

3 weeks:

1 month:

And here's a picture of what seems to be my first dread lock actually forming!


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