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A Year of Changes

user image 2014-08-16
By: Sarah18
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One year. I figure it will be about one year into dreading that I'll really start seeing maturing dreadlocks. This is something I need to keep reminding myself of when I become impatient.

One year. What else can happen over the span of a year? So much!

Along with my One Year Dreadlock Journey, I've decided that it's reasonable to challenge myself to make other positive changes to my life, like weight loss.

So here it is. One year of not worrying about my hair. One year of loving myself and making positive changes to my body. I can do this!

Starting weight? Approximately 265ish. Size 22 pants. Size 2x top.

Goal weight one year from now? Well, weight I really don't care about. Pant size goal? 12 Top size? No long as my booty fits in a size 12 pant I'll be a far healthier person.

Ways of reaching my goal? I recently acquired a treadmill so walking will be done frequently, along with a subscription exercise plan. I also will be focusing on a plant based diet.

My daughter is 10. She's thin and fit now even though we eat horribly. I don't want her to struggle with her weight like I always have. It's time to start being an example for her, a time to show her how important it is to take care of and respect your body.

It's time!

08/16/14 10:58:45PM @cb:

Thanks California Emmet! I figure putting it out in the world will help me be more likely to stick with it.

California Emmet
08/16/14 10:53:18PM @california-emmet:

Your determination and decisions are highly commendable, by the end of this post I honestly wanted to clap for you. I wish you the best on your journey this year :)

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