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Day 3 Neglect...Holy Crap!

user image 2014-08-18
By: Sarah18
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Washed again last night. Let it air dry and went to bed with it just a bit damp. Woke up this morning and already had to separate the back of my head to prevent a beaver tail! What is going on here?!

Thinking about three days without conditioning or brushing. If it's THAT easy for my hair to dread, why wouldn't I let it? It obviously wants to!

I can't quite hide the plan anymore. My hair has outted itself a big earlier than I planned. I love it SO much.

08/18/14 05:50:02PM @psybin:

Nice! That's kinda how I felt the last couple weeks. I've been letting my hair do what it wants lately and what it wants is to dread, so now's the time. ;) My hair is at a similar place as yours but it's been sectioning now for a few weeks and the dreads are starting to take shape. I combed it out a couple times last week or two before deciding I wanna go through with this but no more combs!

What's funny is, even if you comb it out, the hair still goes back to its little sections.. its new homes! It's great. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/18/14 04:18:31PM @soaring-eagle:

sure is wantingto dread fast

08/18/14 02:49:32PM @cb:

The back was all matted together. Not the front or the sides.

irieguy skyhigh
08/18/14 02:45:54PM @irieguy-skyhigh:
Thats not even close to a beaver tail.thats jus sum hair thats a little stuck to other hairs

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