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Andrew Wireman


Location: Gunlock, KY
Zipcode: 41632
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/23/11 01:57:49AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome if u used wax even once u should do agressive wax removal and u shouldnt be continuing to work on them with tnr just leave em b e once the wax is gone

Mari Thomas
11/14/10 02:59:13PM @jenna-browning-harman:
Heyy, hope you're alright! thanks for the add :) you have a lovely dreads

Hannah Marie
11/12/10 12:02:49AM @panda-monium:
you make a gorgeous dreadhead!love them!

Agya Azoi
09/28/10 08:55:25PM @angel-norton:
they're only a week old! 8 days actually!1 they're sooo dreaded already it's kinda nuts!

09/24/10 09:57:59AM @farrash:
congrats on your sobriety.. sending you much positive energy to stay sober. dreads are looking beautiful. i think its a wonderful gift.. that keeps on giving.blessings

09/23/10 09:16:45AM @kelly-s:
thanks for the friend request mi sista!! your hair looks super cute :D cheers!

Jess Randalsmith
06/17/10 09:03:45AM @robert3:
heeey, thnkyou for the very kind words and the friend add. looks like you're dreads are coming along nice, how old are they?

Darcy Whittaker
06/07/10 05:48:40PM @sylvahnna-awen:
Welcome lovely lady! Thank you for the friendship! You suit your dreadies beautifully!!blessings and sunshine x

Marisa Hinds
05/24/10 07:58:59PM @chris3:
welcome to the family.happy dreading and congrats on being sober.peace&love_zen

Alive She Cried
05/19/10 05:37:08PM @kevin-cleveland:
your locks look beautiful so far:]congrats aswell for being sober! u must be strong, i dont think i could make it. lol

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