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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Las Vegas, NV
Zipcode: 89108
Country: US


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Panterra Caraway
06/14/11 12:16:25PM @panterra-caraway:
Hey Bren! Welcome to the site! I do make tams...made several for members. I charge $25, which includes shipping. I can do most clors...from plain to fancy and make 2 sizes...standard and Large. Message me if you are still interested and check out some tams I have made in my pictures :)

06/14/11 03:54:41AM @farrash:
ha ha thanx!yeah they started falling apart already.db makes my hair feel wierd(i have hard water where i live)im gonna start using backing soda.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/14/11 03:12:54AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome if that shampoo causes then to loosen and fall apart u might wanna switch shampoos thats not a very dread friendly 1

09/28/11 02:41:07AM @dreadheaddre:

Hey man, deciding to dread my hair. I have pretty thin, Asian hair. I'd love to chat with ya about what worked for you!

11/14/10 12:04:06PM @quinton-sod:
awesome i cant wait to see the results of your yarn mess lol i am hopin i will have some free time to attempt to do this as well

11/12/10 02:24:23PM @quinton-sod:
hey you ever check out hobby lobby? i went to look and they had thier yarn on sale i found some good colors i just have to sit down now and figure out how to use it lol

Daniela Martinez
09/25/10 10:13:00AM @erin-scherer:
thanks for comment on my sandwich -- what kind of yummy things are you eatin' today lol--- Aloha Naja

Caleb Forbes
05/30/10 07:34:07PM @slade-leman:
ur welcome man. much love to u also. i wanted to ask a few questions about dreads.

04/27/10 09:25:25AM @dean-richardson:
Hi R dub nice ta meet ya.

04/25/10 04:11:02PM @natty-trade:
Thank you for the friendship :)

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