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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Chicago, IL
Zipcode: 60614
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/18/11 04:03:07PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome crochets extremely bad for dreads throw that hook away right away and join the crochet recovery group

10/21/10 11:08:48AM @jayrock:
cheers :)) Jah bless yah

06/07/10 02:21:04PM @niki-brock-huber:
Thanks :D Yours look really good too. Nice sectioning.

Jess Randalsmith
06/05/10 09:41:03AM @robert3:
i added 3 more to my photobook, hope you'll like em!namaste!

06/04/10 04:27:17PM @elizabeth-stoute:
hey thanks man- ha ya i love that thing! i will enjoy! have a good day man-

Adrian Keenan
06/04/10 12:38:02AM @fanci-taylor:
thanks man =] I was trying to make it into my profile background but it wasnt working out so i figured, it could be used somehow right?when I found it i was pretty amazed haha

06/01/10 08:54:38PM @alicia-bond:
thanx for your welcome brother <3

Adrian Keenan
06/01/10 08:46:57PM @fanci-taylor:
oh no! well i hope you get to keep them the rest of your life ;]most of my coworkers know i have them and like them but my manager hasn't seen them because i wear them back in a hat or scarf. it still looks cute so no one really says anything =]

Adrian Keenan
06/01/10 08:14:57PM @fanci-taylor:
haha huh. so do you have a job? I only ask because i like to know how people approach having a job and dreads

Earth Mama2
06/01/10 07:36:07PM @francyne-young:
aw, thankyou! :)

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