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dreadlocks shampoo
Sylvahnna Awen


Location: Mad-rid
Country: ES

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dreads with fringe
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dreads with fringe


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/11/11 03:30:20PM @soaring-eagle:

07/06/12 09:16:39PM @sary:

Kia ora. ahh a fellow Kiwi in melbourne ae :) How long have ya been here?

01/04/11 05:28:38PM @feedroh:
Kiaora kare how you been doing hows aussie allgud??Anyway jist fort id sae hulo tu yu and sae mauriora

Charles Ti Mega
11/16/10 11:17:40AM @niels:
Thanks! :)

06/12/10 07:34:03AM @juraj-petrik:
Thanks so much for the warm welcome & positive comments:D I'm gonna slowly learn patience with the process, it's a big change after putting so much effort into avoiding tangles the last 5 years!

gina spaller
06/02/10 06:58:58AM @breann-mcintyre:

06/01/10 08:52:29AM @suz:
much sister

Caitlin Brynn
05/31/10 08:07:16PM @moyo:
lolthank you i might try that, cuz i wanna try to dye mine something idk what tho (ive never dyed my hair in my life)

Caitlin Brynn
05/31/10 07:34:48PM @moyo:
haha thank you, i have a ton of them growing underneath, seems the majority get caught into the nearest locks tho :Pdude i agree tho, those ones look awesomedid you dye them yourself? they came out really well, what'd you use? just normal dye?

Caitlin Brynn
05/26/10 10:23:12PM @moyo:
lolhey thank you! It started out wearing them just for driving, but Im really starting to settle into them so i wear them a lot now,,even as i type this :)but I have the option to get contacts when I'm finally annoyed by these,lol also i think ur the only 1 to point out i was in my car, more so facing the backseathow have you been? an the locks of course :P

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