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dreadlocks shampoo
Panda Monium


Location: Northern Ireland
Country: GB


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Ginger dreadies
dreadies and my brand new tattoo
Dreads when I had just dyed them red


Electric Mama
01/07/12 04:03:06PM @electric-mama:

Thanks!! Yeah my friend who is a hair stylist did them for me. I think if you use regular bleach it will come out irregular. So if you go to the beauty supply store and get powered bleach and processor it should work fine. You just have to do every individual dread at a time. They can probably also help you at the beauty supply store, find what you need! Good look on becoming blonde! I love your dreads too :)

Electric Mama
01/07/12 03:51:47PM @electric-mama:

Naturally done by a professional :P Thanks! Nope I am a fake blonde, just bleach. No extra coloring or anything. I don't think I could ever go back to be a brunette!

The Apprentice Shaman
01/25/11 02:43:05PM @celeste-rosella:
thanx f'the friends request :) peace. x

11/24/10 01:44:12PM @louis-hall:
thank you!! yours are making beautiful progress already!!

user image
11/19/10 04:40:02PM @daya-fabayo:
hahaha yeah, mineneed major fixing.

Jack Allen
11/17/10 04:40:52AM @jora:
nice dread!!!! preety natural...

user image
11/17/10 12:41:40AM @daya-fabayo:
Awe Thanks! Ive had them almost 5 months now.There a mess lol, yours look much better I think!Did you use the braiding method?

Andrew Bet
11/01/10 10:33:04AM @devon:
Yeah, I moved here to IN about 5yrs ago. She closed to store in MO. She's a real busy woman. I use to get a huge discount tho. It was the best job I ever had. Didn't pay much but it was a blast. Thanks for friendin me!

Andrew Bet
10/31/10 06:30:08PM @devon:
Hey Rebel! Was wondeing if you've ever been to the 60's Spirit shop in Quincy? I use to work at the one in Osage Beach, MO. Good place.Well welcome to the site! Thanks for joining my group also!

Jace Beleren
10/29/10 05:52:48PM @bertongkandule:
Awesome screen name. :)

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