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Panda Monium


Location: Northern Ireland
Country: GB


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Ginger dreadies
dreadies and my brand new tattoo
Dreads when I had just dyed them red


The Apprentice Shaman
01/25/11 02:43:05PM @celeste-rosella:
thanx f'the friends request :) peace. x

11/24/10 01:44:12PM @louis-hall:
thank you!! yours are making beautiful progress already!!

11/19/10 04:40:02PM @daya-fabayo:
hahaha yeah, mineneed major fixing.

Jack Allen
11/17/10 04:40:52AM @jora:
nice dread!!!! preety natural...

11/17/10 12:41:40AM @daya-fabayo:
Awe Thanks! Ive had them almost 5 months now.There a mess lol, yours look much better I think!Did you use the braiding method?

Andrew Bet
11/01/10 10:33:04AM @devon:
Yeah, I moved here to IN about 5yrs ago. She closed to store in MO. She's a real busy woman. I use to get a huge discount tho. It was the best job I ever had. Didn't pay much but it was a blast. Thanks for friendin me!

Andrew Bet
10/31/10 06:30:08PM @devon:
Hey Rebel! Was wondeing if you've ever been to the 60's Spirit shop in Quincy? I use to work at the one in Osage Beach, MO. Good place.Well welcome to the site! Thanks for joining my group also!

Jace Beleren
10/29/10 05:52:48PM @bertongkandule:
Awesome screen name. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/22/10 02:48:26AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sis but i reconmend u do not blunt the tips blunt tips make theentitrre dread take 5 times as long to drythat makes em alot more likely to get moldbetter to leave em loose besides they look way better wityh natural tips

The Apprentice Shaman
01/25/11 02:43:05PM @celeste-rosella:
thanx f'the friends request :) peace. x

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