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Xephyre (Nae)


Location: Union City, CA
Zipcode: 94587
Country: US


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I feel dumb. I'm sorry please read

By Xephyre (Nae), 2012-11-22
I have never celebrated thanksgiving. In my life. I recently move with my mom where I have changed. And i just got caught up in the moment. I do not support thanksgiving. It is not a pleasant day. Many of you are natives or have family who are native to america before the pilgrims came. I respect and love you. I feel dumb for my previous post. Forgive me. And may peace and love be will us and lets give thanks EVERYDAY not just some people who only give thanks today.
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Too many dreads too thin

By Xephyre (Nae), 2012-11-04
I am being very patient with my hair and i love the journey! Also i want my dreads to congo :( but it doesnt seem like they would want too. Theres a bunch of dreads. Do i just wait and see if the will congo or what?
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Hair.. technician?!

By Xephyre (Nae), 2012-10-20
Wow. I just passed up a hair shop called "The hair technicians" I could not believe it. "We repair your hair". It's not a car. It's my head. My hair. My body. I don't want tools or anything to FIX my hair. If anything that will ruin it. Let your hair go. Let it do what it wants. Let it live and be healthy!!! Just wanted to rant and share this ridiculousness.
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:) 1 month 2 weeks and people are..

By Xephyre (Nae), 2012-10-09
Noticing I am starting dreads! Maybe 3 people so far! There were some who just said "cool hair! I like your hair!" :). I am so happy to be doing this. I feel comfortable with the fact that I will have dreads. I was never comfortable with my hair before. I have found my thing :)
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Hair pretty dry?

By Xephyre (Nae), 2012-09-25
My hair is already fried and dry from dye. What can I use to put life back into my hair? Does it look really dry? BTW lookin good for 1 month?
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