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I feel dumb. I'm sorry please read

user image 2012-11-22
By: Xephyre (Nae)
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I have never celebrated thanksgiving. In my life. I recently move with my mom where I have changed. And i just got caught up in the moment. I do not support thanksgiving. It is not a pleasant day. Many of you are natives or have family who are native to america before the pilgrims came. I respect and love you. I feel dumb for my previous post. Forgive me. And may peace and love be will us and lets give thanks EVERYDAY not just some people who only give thanks today.
Baba Fats
11/22/12 09:47:55PM @baba-fats:

I celebrate is with either my wife's or my family, but we don't think of i as a holiday with any meaning. It's just an excuse to get the whole family in one house for a night.

I hate the holiday and everything that it represents, but it's nice to see relatives that I only see once or twice a year.

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