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Too many dreads too thin

By: Xephyre (Nae)
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I am being very patient with my hair and i love the journey! Also i want my dreads to congo :( but it doesnt seem like they would want too. Theres a bunch of dreads. Do i just wait and see if the will congo or what?
Xephyre (Nae)
11/05/12 03:58:58AM @xephyre-nae:
:) awe thanks guys. I feel better about it

11/04/12 11:18:37PM @meijka:

Oh, they'll congo. Just wait, the bittie ones will combine into fatties in no time. I had a bunch of lil ones, that are joinging at the root into niice round fat dreads.

11/04/12 07:49:48PM @mons:

That's funny, I just tore two fatter dreads apart this morning to create more smaller locs.

I think your hair looks great. Keep it up girl!

Castaway J
11/04/12 07:43:39PM @castaway-j:

what you mean? they look great and defined! remember right now they are probly in toddler stage of maturing into great locks, they are well on their way! mine are kinda ding the same now.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/04/12 07:36:26PM @soaring-eagle:

yup just wait it opit they will when they are ready

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