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Hair.. technician?!

By: Xephyre (Nae)
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Wow. I just passed up a hair shop called "The hair technicians" I could not believe it. "We repair your hair". It's not a car. It's my head. My hair. My body. I don't want tools or anything to FIX my hair. If anything that will ruin it. Let your hair go. Let it do what it wants. Let it live and be healthy!!! Just wanted to rant and share this ridiculousness.
Xephyre (Nae)
10/20/12 04:19:16PM @xephyre-nae:
Installed?! Kidding right!! Haha exactly. They just dont get the simplicity and the freeness. They NEED to have something extra. Its like. Just let it all go. Reggaefest is in town today!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/20/12 03:22:39PM @soaring-eagle:

haha sounds like the loctician that joined the other day talking about dread instalation

dreads happen they arent installed its not like you pop open your skull and bolt them in

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