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just over 2 years

By ☆starslingr☆, 2017-07-21

Wow, I forgot how to use this site!

Updated some recent pictures of my hair. Its been 2 years and a few months since starting this 3rd dreadlock process. My hair is wonderful and annoying all at once! I have found it has been hard to get good pics because my hair is so dark and the pictures don't really show the individual dreadies very well. In fact, i have so many lose ends which on dreads looks beautiful, and on others just look a wreck. 

I don't do anything to my hair but let it do its thing. And i wash it very carefully. I also don't wear anything in my hair, no strings, no beads. I had imagined i would want to decorate them a little more when they finally become more solidified. They are still very lose in some parts, and very tight in other parts. I still have a lot of very annoying backloops which look like matted tangles, to be quite honest. The hair along the nape of the neck, which gets slept on, has come along very nicely, and I love them. But the rest of the hair along the crown is taking a bit longer to rope up, and looks like a mess. Im not sure if this is because they were too skinny when they were first separated, or just don't get enough friction. Not sure. 

The highlight of my summer has been the ability to tie my own hair back with my own dreadlocks. Never need another scrunchie again. lol

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3rd time is a charm

By ☆starslingr☆, 2015-07-22

3rd time is a charm: I have embarked on a new dreadlock "journey". (Ew, i actually hate that phrase, lol.) The time has come for another soul-searching quest. Perhaps I can be more specific in future posts, but for now this is basically what's going on.

I am currently sitting here with hair like the mane of a lion. It is a wild, backcombed bush... and I can't wait to see what happens. For some reason, this time, I was able to dedicate the attention needed to correctly section the hair, which was really the only thing I wanted to get right this time around. (Whether it will stay that way is another matter.) General fluffing and fairly light backcombing were done to start the process, but I have no intention of messing with it any further, for that would defeat the purpose of having a dreadlock journey. 

Even though the last one ended somewhat abruptly, I think I accomplished what I set out to do. I had many discoveries that my dreadlocked time helped me reveal. Having that wild and beautiful mess served as my daily reminder of what my goals were. Everyday I had to ask myself, "Why am i doing this?" 

The process of having dreadlocks practically speaking helps me slow down my mind, and the way I think about time. I tend to be less frenzied and more thoughful of what I'm trying to accomplish, which is emensely helpful for me as one who tends to be very anxious and obsessed with immediacy. The slowness of the dreadlocks developing paralell whatever spiritual or soul-searching quest I'm on, and allow me to relate to those things more calmly. 

Anyway, I appreciate being able to write about my little experiences here on this site. Each time I get a little better at patience. One of these days I'll actually feel able to keep my dreadlocks permanently, and I'll have to then find another method of questing the depths of my heart.

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may 10 2013

By ☆starslingr☆, 2013-05-10

Just feel like writing...
I've started the dread process again. I've been dying for this and I'm glad I had the time to think about why I want dreadlocks to begin with.

I wasn't really upset when I cut off my hair last time - as I was truly just overstimulated - but I regret that I do deal with issues of being easily overwhelmed. It's definitely a result of this crazy lifestyle, go-go-go culture, worrying, and too many things to do that just cause stress. I definitely suck at coping.

I want my dreads to be a thing of beauty (to me). I know hair won't actually change my biochemical makeup, but I'm hoping it will be a step in the direction of a more simplified life that I desperately crave and need.

The last time I attempted my dreads I must admit that I was a bit obsessed with the way they looked. I was constantly fussing over them. This time, although I'll be "putting them in", I refuse to worry about them afterward.

So I've put in quite a few dreads at the front and along the sides. But now I have reached that back section of hair where I can't see or section my hair cleanly. Instead I've been letting the hair run free and section itself. Then, when I have the time and energy, I just grab an already sectioned bunch of hair and TnR it.

It all looks shit right now ;p but even my husband has noticed how relaxed and patient I've been about the process. Already that's a good sign.

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By ☆starslingr☆, 2011-09-04

Whelp... I cut off my hair. Its gone and buzzed except for the fringe. I just wasn't happy with the way the dreads were ... i don't want to say progressing because that's not what I mean... Mostly I was just REALLY uncomfortable and highly oversensitive to the way my hair made my scalp feel.

Its been a hot summer and I have really thick hair. I just finally got tired of feeling all that hair on my head. And sadly it's only been 5 or 6 months of having them. Plus my hubby gives the most amazing head massages which were really creating a mess, which made my head itch a lot. I was pretty miserable.

But I'm sad. I've wanted dreadlocks for so long. And when I cut my hair it was in a fit ofspontaneity andmanic energy. I was just so overstimulated. Anyway, I'd like to give it another try. I don't feel prepared to say I'll never have dreads because I feel pretty determined to have them and the freedom that comes from having them.

I'm very glad I at least tried and I learned some amazing and shocking things about myself, and my lifestyle, in the process. I'm uber jealous of all the dreadies out there but hopefully I'll be able to re-begin another dread journey.


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why dreads...

By ☆starslingr☆, 2011-05-25

Hiya to anyone who reads this. I'm really new to dreadlocks but I've wanted them for several years now & finally decided to take on the adventure. I've been taking some pictures of the progress and posting them to Flickr. I don't have much time to get on the forum except when I have a pressing issue I need to investigate. Its been very helpful reading about others' dreadlocking experiences.

Here's a link to some of my pictures until I can upload directly to this blog. Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing everyone's lovely dreadies. Take care.

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