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may 10 2013

user image 2013-05-10
By: ☆starslingr☆
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Just feel like writing...
I've started the dread process again. I've been dying for this and I'm glad I had the time to think about why I want dreadlocks to begin with.

I wasn't really upset when I cut off my hair last time - as I was truly just overstimulated - but I regret that I do deal with issues of being easily overwhelmed. It's definitely a result of this crazy lifestyle, go-go-go culture, worrying, and too many things to do that just cause stress. I definitely suck at coping.

I want my dreads to be a thing of beauty (to me). I know hair won't actually change my biochemical makeup, but I'm hoping it will be a step in the direction of a more simplified life that I desperately crave and need.

The last time I attempted my dreads I must admit that I was a bit obsessed with the way they looked. I was constantly fussing over them. This time, although I'll be "putting them in", I refuse to worry about them afterward.

So I've put in quite a few dreads at the front and along the sides. But now I have reached that back section of hair where I can't see or section my hair cleanly. Instead I've been letting the hair run free and section itself. Then, when I have the time and energy, I just grab an already sectioned bunch of hair and TnR it.

It all looks shit right now ;p but even my husband has noticed how relaxed and patient I've been about the process. Already that's a good sign.

the Barrellady
05/15/13 09:55:41PM @the-barrellady:

Good things happen to us when we dread. Glad your husband noticed. Maybe once the back naturally sections, he will t&r them for you. I did my own also once my hair naturally separated, took a few days to do it. If he won't help you with that part, just plunk yourself down in front of the TV for sound, put a huge mirror on the floor, then close your eyes, feel around and let your fingers be your eyes, You will be able to feel & see the back sections and then T&R them. It really works. .....Peace

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