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By: !!emoji!!22!!emoji!!starslingr!!emoji!!22!!emoji!!
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Whelp... I cut off my hair. Its gone and buzzed except for the fringe. I just wasn't happy with the way the dreads were ... i don't want to say progressing because that's not what I mean... Mostly I was just REALLY uncomfortable and highly oversensitive to the way my hair made my scalp feel.

Its been a hot summer and I have really thick hair. I just finally got tired of feeling all that hair on my head. And sadly it's only been 5 or 6 months of having them. Plus my hubby gives the most amazing head massages which were really creating a mess, which made my head itch a lot. I was pretty miserable.

But I'm sad. I've wanted dreadlocks for so long. And when I cut my hair it was in a fit ofspontaneity andmanic energy. I was just so overstimulated. Anyway, I'd like to give it another try. I don't feel prepared to say I'll never have dreads because I feel pretty determined to have them and the freedom that comes from having them.

I'm very glad I at least tried and I learned some amazing and shocking things about myself, and my lifestyle, in the process. I'm uber jealous of all the dreadies out there but hopefully I'll be able to re-begin another dread journey.


09/04/11 06:32:05AM @starslingr:

@Torie. I thought about it. But I had no desire for hair at all. It feels really good super short. So I really didn't mind hacking it off. I don't get all that emotionally attached to my hair.

@SoaringEagle. Thanks. Yes, next time will be better.=)

Torie Shea
09/04/11 02:01:27AM @torie-shea:
You could've brushed it out! My good friend had dreads for 10 years, cut them to her shoulders then brushed it!

!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
09/04/11 01:53:26AM @soaring-eagle:

u start today by not owning a comb and letting them dread as they grow

im sorry to see them go but the next set will be here to stay

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