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Country: US


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@starslingr • 11 months ago • comments: 2
Posted a new blog:
just over 2 years
Wow, I forgot how to use this site! Updated some recent pictures of my hair. Its been 2 years and a few months since starting this 3rd dreadlock process. My hair is...
@starslingr • 3 years ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on 3rd time is a charm:
"Yeah I don't know how well the sections will hold.  My hair is thick and heavy, and unruly on its own.  I only know that last time I did allow them to..."
@starslingr • 3 years ago • comments: 3
Posted a new blog:
3rd time is a charm
3rd time is a charm: I have embarked on a new dreadlock "journey". (Ew, i actually hate that phrase, lol.) The time has come for another soul-searching quest. Perhaps...
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