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dreadlocks shampoo
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Baking Soda = Clean Dreads... and Shower!

Anyone else notice their shower takes a lot longer to need cleaning? My shower stays looking as clean as the day I moved in for months longer than...
@Sarahface started 10 years ago - replies: 0
Ethon O'Brien

slightly different baking soda method

When i wash my dreads, i like to get the dreads real wet then take a glass, and fill it a little less than halfway full with baking soda then the...
@Ethon O'Brien started 12 years ago - replies: 1

Baking Soda Alternative

Other than buying specialty dreadlock shampoo what can I use other than baking soda? I like the way baking soda was working but since it strips...
@Ixchel started 12 years ago - replies: 3

Beginning of Neglect, good to use BS?

Just want to confirm, since I've started neglecting my hair for a few days now, is it cool for me to start washing with baking soda? I feel like...
@Lexi started 13 years ago - replies: 1

Drying out dreads?

Howdy guys! Firstly to carify you do mean bicarbonate of soda right? We have baking powder and bicarb soda in Australia... Anywho, I have been...
@chick_pea started 13 years ago - replies: 4
Dee Dee

putting tea tree oi in sea salt spray

I have used tea tree oil on new peircings and mods such as when I was stretching my ears. Do any of you think it would be bad to put like two or...
@Dee Dee started 14 years ago - replies: 0

Baking soda vinegar experiment-BAD dandruff itch

I have bad dandruff scalp itch/ lumpy bumpy rash at the base of my scalp. This all started when I was doing daily soaks at a hot springs. Before...
@Wildrainbow started 14 years ago - replies: 15

clean dreads are orgasmic.

That feeling you get right after you wash your dreads with baking soda is just amazing I found that white vinegar after the 10 minute soak of...
@DreadfulTravis started 14 years ago - replies: 2
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